Hello again. This week I am going to share with you the nice visit we had with John Rustad, MLA, Chair of the Northern Caucus. Mr. Rustad and his Constituency Assistant Maureen Haley had a meeting with the Chamber Members in room #4 of the Rec Centre at 3:00 pm on Wednesday, October 22, 2008.

The turn out could have been better; but Maureen said, with the meeting at three she knows everyone is working, and they were very pleased with the items that came from the meeting and the number of people who did show up. For those of you who do not know the name Erin Mueller, she is the new Manager of the Lakeview Inn & Suites. She is also new to Tumbler, stop by and say hi when you have time.

Mr. Rustad opened by talking about the carbon tax, coal, exports and the green movement. He explained a bit about the lumber industry and how private land trees grow faster than government land, where the trees are left to grow on their own. He explained about the process of how many hectares get cut each year.

Then Mr. Rustad asked if anyone had any issues. The roads to the tourist?s attractions came up; there was a nice discussion on that issue. We asked Mr. Rustad if this issue had come up at the Mayor and Council meeting, he said yes, but not quite so passionately. He gave us some information about the roads and things the government is working on right now.

The discussion then went on to perhaps opening a road between Kinuso Falls and Prince George. This was a very good discussion, with informative information from Kevin Gies of Tumbler Ridge Sand & Gravel. A few ideas mentioned: we could travel from Tumbler Ridge to Prince George in two hours; it would make a beautiful trip for tourists, make Tumbler more accessible with a kind of circle route, and imagine a dream would be completed that had started in the 1930?s!!!!

There were other discussions, and over all the meeting went very well, with Mr. Rustad and Maureen leaving around 4 ? 4:20 pm. This was the first time since I started that the Chamber had a phone call from an MLA asking for a meeting, it was very rewarding to be included. Thank you Mr. Rustad and Maureen.

Events coming up soon:

ALL CANDIDATES FORUM – – November 5, 2008 for Mayor and Council, High School Gym, doors open 6:30 pm, Forum starts 7:00 sharp. Please attend and get informed about the Candidates, so that you can may an informed decision when you V O T E.

CHRISTMAS PARTY – – December 6, 2008. Call the Chamber Office 250.242.0015 for more information, we have wonderful plans this year, you will want to get your tickets as soon as they are available, as I have a feeling they will sell out. We have some people on the list already.