Chamber Chatter

Hello again everyone.

What a great time we all had at Internation Women?s Day. Thank you all the co-ordinators, teachers, and ladies, wonderful.

I have been hearing from a few of our Members that they didn?t know Membership ran from January 1st to December 31st. Instead of sending out invoices last year in December, you all got a nice big package. I know……. the new person in the office should of just sent out an invoice (but I wanted to upgrade my files, get all the information new and correct), because as you will have heard by now, you get emails from my office, chamber agendas, minutes, etc. So I needed to make sure I had the correct email addresses, phone and fax numbers. HOW else could I bug you!!

I know that at Christmas you are all busy, and many of you either haven?t gotten around to it yet this year or you have thrown out the papers. We want to get started on our Directory and need the Memberships in, please, please please can you look into getting this done for us.

We are starting the process of a new Directory for the Businesses, you won?t want to miss out on this one.

Glad to see some of you are looking on the website, Got an e-mail from a Member the other day and they told me I need to add them to a few more categories, if any other members find the same situation, please e-mail or give me a call. Any nice pictures you may have that we could use on the web site, please e-mail them to the office and I will get them on. I am adding the 2008 membership daily.

If anyone, and I mean anyone, Chamber Members or not, has ideas of guest speakers, workshops or some other function you would like to see around town, please call me. We are always open to ideas. Remember!! Chamber members get discounts on admission fees, advertising, etc.

Don?t forget Griz Fest is not that far away, and we want to see some nice floats in the Parade again this year. The Chamber of Commerce is going to be in charge of the parade and will be putting on a dance. Let?s make the parade stunning!!! and get out those dancing shoes. If any of you have some ideas we can use for the businesses at Grizfest, we want to hear them, we want all those people that come to Tumbler to leave some of their money in your stores. Just let me know.

All the best everyone for the week to come. Remember the door to the office is always open (unless I am away!!), stop in for a chat or information on the Chamber. Take care.

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Q: What did the carpet say to the floor? A: Stay down!!! I?ll cover ya!