Hi everyone. Today as I write my Chamber Chatter I have a new Board. The Chamber of Commerce had its AGM on February 18, 2009. The attendance was not as great as last year, which shows us that we need a telephone committee. I do understand how busy peoples lives are, and that there are other priorities, so a reminder by phone does make a difference.

However kudos to those that came. We had a very active group, getting involved in questions and replies to the wonderful speech Mayor Larry White gave us. Mr. White spoke about the 2009 Budget, and that lead to many other issues. It was very interesting and like I said earlier, there was a lot of conversation about various issues when Mayor White asked if anyone had questions.

I want to thank Sheila?s Place who supplied the coffee and tea, Paddy Cakes Catering and Shop Easy for goodies and bottled water. We were well taken care of. Thanks again to all of you.


Darryl Krakowka ? President ? he says he will preside for only one year, but we will try to make that longer! Darryl as you all know is the owner of Shop Easy and was on our Board of Directors last year.

Benjie Myers – 1st Vice President ? Benjie is the Business Development Manager for Absolute Instrument Supply, which just opened a new location next to CNRL in the light Industrial Park.

Erin Mueller – 2nd Vice President ? You will know Erin from Lakeview Inns & Suites, she is the Manager there.

Peter Mandeville ? Treasurer ? We are glad Peter kept his position, Peter and his Dad, Bob own Toolbelt Jobs Inc. Need some renovations or building done, give them a call.

Maggie Harty ? Secretary ? Maggie is probably someone you may not know. She is the Manager of Ma-M-Way Camp on Ridge Road. Stop out for steak dinner on Saturday nights. Good prices.


We were fortunate to have three Directors stay from last year. Berita DeLeeuw, Colin Giesbrecht and Rob Haydock.

Three of our Executive from 2008 said they would also stay as Directors. They are: Anthony Boos, Joanne Kirby, and Karen Meyer. Bill Woods who had to resign as Director in 2008, was able to take his position this year as well.

We welcome to the Board Robert Mandeville (Bob), Jocelyn Logtenberg, Hank Boere, Melissa Meyer and Patsy Shea.

That gives us twelve, which is a full Board of Directors this year. With some of the members from the past board staying on, the continuity of the Chamber of Commerce is in place. They know where we wanted to go last year and what we wanted to see this year as well.

Our new President has some good ideas that he has already started on, HIS FIRST DAY at work. More will be done at the March 4, 2009 Board Meeting. This year looks like it will be very productive; and that is what the Tumbler Ridge Chamber of Commerce is striving for. Each year to get better and better.

As Manager of The Tumbler Ridge Chamber of Commerce, I want to thank the people who worked on the Board for 2008, they were pleasant to work with and made my job a good one. I want to thank all those who came to the AGM, you DO make a difference when you make the effort to attend and a BIG thank you to all of you who took positions on the 2009 Tumbler Ridge Chamber of Commerce Board. Last and certainly not least, I want to thank all the Members of 2008, who made the Tumbler Ridge Chamber of Commerce the success that is was.

Please remember to shop local, the local Businesses are the people who run your local groups, donate to the local activities and who make the Town of Tumbler Ridge what it is today.

Without our local Businesses, there would be nothing but houses here.

Thank you for supporting your Community by Shopping Local!

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He said ?Call for backup?.