We had our first Board Meeting of 2009 on March 4, 2009. Darryl Krakowka our President opened the meeting by saying: ?What does the Chamber of Commerce do for me?, or my Business? The Chamber of Commerce does not help MY business, it will not help YOUR business individually either, but our job as a Chamber of Commerce is to promote local businesses, get people to shop local, encourage visitors, and promote our town which will improve our businesses and our community as a whole.?

That is the way our meeting started, this is the way the new Board thinks, and this is the way the New Board is gearing up for 2009.

President Krakowka, had the meeting completed in one hour. There are committees being set up to do events this year. If any ot the Members want information about the events or Committees, please call the office and I can get you hooked up with the Chairman of the Committee. We are very excited about 2009.

This week I want to congratulate one of our Chamber and Executive Members. Benjie Meyers, our 1st Vice President, has been accepted as a Volunteer Fire Fighter. Good job Benjie, and we know you will do your very best as you do at our meetings and Managing Absolute Instrument. If you are in the light industrial area, stop by and congratulate Benjie, his office is right beside CNRL.

Some of you may have already noticed that Town Council has declared March as ?Community Social Services Awareness Month?. Every community in our province is affected by these important services, yet they are often invisible and not well understood.

Please stop by and say hi, or give your Social Services worker a pat on the back this month.

If anyone is interested in the location that the Enbridge Pipeline is running, I have a map at my office you can have, or one on the wall you can look at. We also have a disk on the BC Government 2009 Budget you can borrow.

Remember Chamber Benefits, group insurance, payroll services and Debit and Credit card services through Versapay and TD Bank, which will save you money. Stop by the office for more information. If you are a Chamber member and need group insurance, please contact Annemarie Haapala at 1.888.782.6955. Your Chamber Membership could be free if you use the Benefits provided.

I am busy getting the membership renewals out of the office. Non- members please stop by to see what we are all about. You can save lots of money on benefits. If you haven?t got your renewal in the mail yet and want to pay for 2009, stop at the office, my receipt book is always handy!

Please remember to shop local. You DO make a difference to our community. Your support, supports everyone.

Have a good week everyone.

March 17th is St Patrick?s Day!!

Casey McCarthy had just arrived in New York City and was amazed at the enormity of everything. Having drunk a pint or two on the flight over, he sorely needed to relieve himself. The first door he entered happened to be a large health club, and he asked the clerk if he might use the men?s room. The clerk said certainly and told Casey the men?s room was the third door down the corridor on the left. Now Casey, trying to appear sober, weaved his way down the hallway remembering some of the directions. When he reached the third door, he turned RIGHT , opened the door and immediately fell into the deep end of a pool. The clerk, realizing Casey?s mistake, ran down the hall and burst through the door, prepared to save him, and heard Casey shout, ?Don?t flush, I?m in here!?