This week in Chamber land it has been busy for members going to Committee meetings and myself of course attending the Town Council Meetings and Senior?s Needs Task Force.

The Chamber of Commerce is here to be your voice in the community, please stop by the Chamber office in the Rec Centre and let us know if we can do anything for you. A group always makes a bigger impression than one person alone.

I got some interesting mail the other day, from the Government of Canada, the Competition Bureau. They are reaching out to all businesses regarding Fraud. They are calling it ?The FACT Campaign and Your Business? – fighting mass marketing fraud together? They are reporting that 95% of the fraud victims of mass marketing do not report it to authorities, mainly because they are not aware they were scammed. Over the past two years, the Bureau laid approximately 200 charges with relation to suspected mass marketing fraud operations. This type of fraud is prevalent and believed to cost businesses and NPOs millions each year. In one business supply scam case alone out of Montreal, the fraudster admitted to defrauding businesses $136,000,000.00. They want to fight mass marketing fraud with the help of business. To learn more about the Bureau?s FACT campaign or to report a scam, visit:

Do you realize that it less than one year away and The Olympic Torch will be in Tumbler Ridge. I personally am so excited about that. Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought that I would be honored to see the Olympic Torch right in my own town. We are so very fortunate to live in the North. Not only do we have four wonderful seasons, beautiful scenery, clean air, but we get the Torch!!

Our 2nd Vice President has been laid off her job and will not be able to fulfill her obligation with the Chamber, so if you would like to be the 2nd Vice President, please let us know and we will bring your name to our next Board Meeting.

The 2009 Board has set a date for our Board Meetings, they are the first Wednesday of every month, 6:00 pm in room #1 of the Recreation Centre. If anyone wants to come you are more than welcome. If you want an issue discussed, please make sure I know about it one week before the meeting.

Did you know? That ? March 20th is International Francophonie Day ? if you have a French friend, you may want to visit them that day, or take them to lunch !!!

March 21st is International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. I think we do well in Tumbler, if we got all of our citizens together, I think we could have our own United Nations. Our diverse Nationalities make Tumbler a better place to live.

The Chamber of Commerce is working on the 2009 Membership. If you do not have your invoice yet, it will be coming, or you can stop in and pay. IF YOU are not a Member yet, please stop in and find out the benefits, and join. You don?t want to miss out on being part of the dynamic team we are putting together this year.

Please remember to shop local. You DO make a difference to our community. YOUR support, supports everyone.

Thank you for supporting your Community by Shopping Local!

Have a good week everyone. :)

?Life isn?t about waiting for the storm to pass..

It?s about learning to dance in the rain….well maybe we have to dance in the snow, if winter doesn?t go away soon.