Hello again everyone. Happy Spring. One sign spring will get here sometime… the crows are back. We have an old family saying that it will snow three times after you see the first crow. Flurries don?t count!!!

You will notice with this edition of the paper there is an ad for a new Chamber Manager. It was with a heavy heart that I gave my notice to our President Darryl Krakowka, who with his wife Adella own Shop Easy. My husband Paul and I are going to take over Papa Joe?s Carpet Cleaning, and I cannot do two jobs, so I had to quit this one. So if you thought I was leaving town…you don?t get rid of me that quick, I will be still around talking and bothering everyone. I loved my job and will still be very involved with the Chamber of Commerce. It has been very rewarding to see it grow in membership and events. Just wait until this year is over, as we have more planned yet. My husband and I have always been Chamber Members in communities where we were business owners.

One event we are planning is the Mayor and Councillor Pancake Breakfast, April 18, 2009 in the Rec Centre. This will be cooked by our Board Members, the Mayor and Councillors will speak and then there will be a question and answer period. This is by donation only. Donations to be shared with Chamber of Commerce and the Food Bank.

Everyone is welcome. OH Yeh!! there will be birthday cake as well, Tumbler Ridge is 28 years old on April 9, 2009. We are looking forward to a big crowd for this breakfast. Please … remember to mark your Calendars.

Chambers of Commerce are members of the BBB. I thought I would let you in on a scam that they are sharing with everyone.

Activity Books Not Going To Delta Hospital Kids As Promised Better Business Bureau and Delta Hospital Foundation would like to warn our members about misleading advertising concerning an activity book that is in the Lower Mainland area. A local company reported receiving an invoice from the ?Healing Hands Busy Book? claiming to be affiliated with the Delta Hospital. The letter stated that it was ?a reminder to follow on your order of 10 copies of the Healing Hands busy book to be sent to the children at Delta Hospital.? Neither Delta Hospital nor the Foundation has any affiliation with this organization. DPS Activity Publishing, Ltd, which does business under the name ?Healing Hands Busy Book?, is a for-profit company operating out of Alberta. They are not a charity and do not have charitable status with the Canada Revenue Agency. They solicit small businesses asking them for financial support through sponsorship of an activity book. They claim the books will reach sick children in area hospitals. ?We consider it a serious issue when a company is sending out invoices that appear to be connected to sick children in a hospital,? said Lynda Pasacreta, BBB President and CEO. ?Not only are the children not benefiting, neither is the hospital. This company is misleading consumers in their advertising and it is not the first time.? In 2003, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission won an injunction against DPS Activity Publishing Ltd, an Edmonton-based company that was marketing the Healing Hands, Busy Books scam.

Here are some tips when considering a donation:· Donate to the appropriate organization. Legitimate donations to help the children in the Delta Hospital can be made by contacting the Foundation and making a donation to the Paediatrics Unit. When in doubt, check it out. When an unfamiliar organization asks you for a donation, don?t give without gathering details about the charity, the nature of its programs and its use of funds. Visit the Canadian Revenue Agency at for a list of registered charities in Canada. To search for licensed third-party telemarketers in BC who are making calls on behalf of legitimate charities, please visit the Business Practices & Consumer Protection Authority website at Think before you give. If you are solicited at the mall or on the street, take a minute or two to ?think.? Ask for the charity?s name and address. Get full identification from the solicitor and review it carefully. Ask to see written information on the charity?s programs and finances. Watch out for cases of mistaken identity. With about 9000 registered charities in B.C. alone, it?s not surprising that some charity names sound alike. Be careful that the one soliciting you is the one you have in mind. Don?t accept vague claims. If something is being sold to benefit a charity, be wary of vague statements such as ?all proceeds go to charity? or ?your purchase will benefit a charity.? Look for a disclosure that indicates the actual or estimated amount of the purchase price that the charity will receive to fund its programs.

For more information on scams etc, you can go to Better Business Bureau of Mainland BC.

The invoices will be all out of my office by the time you read this paper. Please make sure to let me know which categories you need to be under on our web site, because as each membership is paid, it gets on the website. Last year I didn?t get everyone on, but this year you will be there!!! If you want to visit the Chamber website it is

Have a good week everyone.

The world is moved not only by the mighty shoves of the heroes, but also by the aggregate of the tiny pushes of each honest worker. Helen Keller