Hi everyone. This is kind of sad for me, as this is my last Chamber Chatter. I am leaving my office April 22, 2009. I will miss all of you coming in and saying hello and telling me what you would like to see around town, and what you would like changed, or even when you come in and say that you like something that has happened.

As you all know I attend the Mayor?s Task Force, Seniors? Needs Meetings. We learned something very valuable at our last meeting, and it has to be passed on to you. KEEP your CAR keys by your bedside table and if you hear someone in your house or out in your yard up to no good, press the panic button and then call the Police. The panic button will make your vehicle very noisy and probably scare away the culpruts.

There are two surveys out right now by Town Hall. You can access them on line or stop by the Town Office. One is specifically for Seniors and the other is for everyone else. Some of you may have gotten an email from Ray Proulx. The District wants to know your thoughts and ideas about housing in Tumbler Ridge, as there are some Developers who are interested in coming here to do some building. These have a deadline, so please get them in. This helps our District make life better for us.

Benjie Myers, our Vice President, is involved with Soccer this year. He told us that he needs some sponsors. There are different kinds available, single children, whole teams, etc. etc. if you are interested, please call him. You can reach Benjie at 250.242.5335 or 250.257.0060.

I want to thank all the businesses that sponsored the Mayor and Council Pancake Breakfast. They are Absolute Instrument Supply, Embassy Maintenance, KC?S Dollar Store and More, Ma M Way Camp, Northern Lights College, Northern Metalic Sales Ltd., PRT Services, Projects North, Shop Easy and Tumbler Ridge News. If I have missed anyone, please forgive me. I hope everyone that attended enjoyed the morning, and the breakfast cooked by the 2009 Board Members of the Chamber of Commerce.

Don?t forget about the Town Hall Meeting on Tuesday, April 28, 2009. It will be held in rooms four and five of the Community Centre at 7:00 PM. Mayor White said they will be discussing the Budget and the Strategic Plan, and are looking forward to input from the community. He said ?this meeting will be an informative and informal gathering.?

Here is some community news you may not know!! The Tumbler Ridge Lions Club was 25 years old on April 13, 2009. Happy Belated Anniversary!

The Legion Ladies Auxiliary will be 25 years old on June 4, 2009. These two groups do so much for our community, if you see any of them out and about, please remember to congratulate them, and thank them for all their hard work and help to our community.

We have a lot of new Chamber members again this year. It is so nice to see the businesses come and support our Chamber and help us make it bigger and better, and in turn help the whole community. I know I have listed some of them before, but I am going to list all the new ones here, as I am so proud of them for joining, I don?t want to forget putting someone?s name in. Absolute Instrument Supply, El Ja Pressure Services Ltd. Ma M Way Open Camp, Musical Marmots Piano Studio, Paddy Cakes Catering, TR?S Nightlife DJ Service, Tumbler Ridge Veterinary Clinic.

There are a few more that I have been talking with, bring in those applications, we could use your support.

Remember members there are Chamber benefits that you can be accessing, that may save you a lot of money. Existing members and those wanting information because they are thinking of joining, please just stop by the office for more information.

Please remember to shop local. You DO make a difference to our Community.

YOUR support, supports everyone.

Thank you to all the Chamber of Commerce Members, The Chamber Board of 2008 and 2009 for making my job such a good one. I will always be around to help out, which makes me very happy. Thank you to Loraine at the paper for patiently waiting for my articles when I am running late, and all your help when I was new and still today when I need help.

To all of you who have stopped into my office, whom I have worked with, talked to, and who reads this Chatter, thank you, you all make my day brighter. I will miss my job, but again I am so pleased that we are staying in Tumbler Ridge and will get to see you all from time to time. We will be taking over Papa Joe?s Carpeting Cleaning and Cleaning Service, plus my husband does handyman work.

Have a great week, and you will have a new Chatterer next week. See you around Town.