I am sure excited to be involved with the Tumbler Ridge Chamber of Commerce. I am so proud to be a part of a business community who are constantly giving of their time and have donated to so many worthwhile causes. Yes we live in a small town and yes we would like more amenities, but lets give a thought for a moment for all the wonderful things our local businesses do.

When members of our town became ill, local merchants donated to a silent auction held by Shop Easy with all proceeds going to those families.

Twilight Lodge arrange dinners for another ill town member. I have lived in a big city which does not rally behind its people and town like our local businesses. We are fortunate to have the businesses that we have in our community. We support and help each other in Tumbler Ridge, and you can help by supporting our businesses and buying locally.

The Tumbler Ridge Chamber of Commerce has sure been busy, with organizing events like the Mayor and Town Council Pancake Breakfast which was held April 16, 2009. It was a wonderful opportunity for the public to meet businesse owners, and Mayor and Council. The breakfast was prepared and arranged by Chamber board members and the executive.

We would like to give a special thank you to Frank and Grace Walsh and the other Lion members who volunteered by bringing their big barbeque and cooking. The breakfast was by donation, with the proceeds shared with the Food Bank and the Tumbler Ridge Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber is also proud to present a Provincial All Candidates Forum May 7th, 2009 7:00 pm at the Tumbler Ridge Secondary School. This forum is open to all. Please attend to become more informed on each candidates political platform, and have the opportunity to ask questions. The candidates are Blair Lekstrom BC Liberal party, Pat Shaw BC NDP, and Donna Young BC Independent. Grant Fraser from the BC Green Party was also invited to participate, however he politely declined due to circumstances.

This is such an excellent opportunity for our town, businesses and public to get the answers to your questions and make an informed vote for the Provincial Elections May 12. 2009.