Wow.. what a busy week! On Monday we enjoyed the Enbridge dinner presentation at the Twilight Lodge. Again I am amazed and proud of our Chamber members, what started out as a joke to see which table we go first ended up raising $101 American dollars and $270 dollars Canadian. Enbridge agreed to match the donation, so we raised a total of almost $800.00 to be split evenly between the Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society and the Tumbler Ridge Search and Rescue. Way to go everyone!!!

Tuesday there was an executive meeting

at 7:00 pm, Wednesday there was a board meeting at 6:00 pm at the Lakeview Inn and Suites. A special thank you needs to the Lakeview Inn and Suites, who have been very generous in letting us use their boardroom facilities and providing us with beverages.

Thursday night we had the Provincial All Candidates Forum at the Tumbler Ridge High School. The turn out was not as good as I hoped for and I would like to thank the people who did come out. The Forum was very informative with all our candidates; Donna Young, Independent, Blair Lekstrom, BC Liberal and Pat Shaw, BC NDP answering all of the public?s questions.

Michael Hunter was an extremely fair and gracious moderator, our thanks goes out to Michael, for a job well done! The Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation donated four theropod prints, which were presented by the Chamber to all three candidates and the moderator for an appreciation of everyone coming out to help inform our citizens. To run such an event takes many volunteers so

I would like to thank our Time Keepers Ellis Howard from Ellor Enterprises and Kirk Fallon from KNF Enterprises. A thank you to Brian Bray from Master Music Services for donating his time and sound equipment , Blaine Broderick from Tumbler Ridge Secondary School, all the guys from Toolbelt Jobs for setting up the chairs and tables and for Maggie Harty from the Ma-M-Way Camp for providing the goodies and beverages.

I would like to mention that on Wednesday the Chamber agreed to give all the money raised from the Mayor?s Pancake Breakfast held April 16, 2009 to the Tumbler Ridge Food Bank..again how awesome!!

May 11th to May 15 is Tumbler Ridge?s Pitch in Week. This is where all organizations, and volunteers have the opportunity to help clean up Tumbler Ridge, and make it even more beautiful.

Be a part of The Tumbler Ridge Chamber of Commerce call 250-242-0015. A group is far stronger than one standing on their own. Enjoy the benefits of being a part of our organization. That all for now, have a great week everyone!