Chamber Chatter

It?s been a busy summer and I cannot believe how quickly July seems to be going by, before you know it is going to Grizfest time.

This year the Grizfest Parade will be held on Saturday August 1, 2009. In honor of the upcoming winter Olympics the theme of the parade will be the Olympics. Think about what the Olympics means to you and decorate your float or entry to reflect your Olympic dreams. For more information please contact the Tumbler Ridge Chamber of Commerce office at 250-242-0015.

I have to apologize to the many people that experienced the wrath of my unhappy computer. I was trying to send out the Grizfest Parade information to our members when my possessed computer decided to send the one e-mail out 21 times to each recipient. Fearing that my computer would do same thing again, until Kirk from KNF Enterprises sets up my e-mail on the laptop, I asked Lindsay to send out the Grizfest information. So a big thank you to Lindsay Vandale, the EDO assistant at town hall, for forwarding the e-mail to all the businesses. I would also like to thank our Grizfest parade committee for their efforts and look forward to an awesome parade.

I would also like to thank everyone who responded back in regards to the question of support for the location of the senior?s new housing development. It was close to a tie in the beginning and with the final comments it brought the majority to yes ,we do support the senior?s housing location. The Chamber Executive and Board wanted to best represent the wishes of our members and that is why the question was asked.