Chamber Chatter

It is so wonderful when a group of great people work together to get things accomplished! The Coal Forum, Business Trade Fair and the Mine Managers Breakfast are all coming together, thanks to our EDO Ray Proulx, his assistant Lindsey Vandale and the Tumbler Ridge Chamber of Commerce. Partnerships and teamwork that exists among the organizations of Tumbler Ridge are essential. We all strive to make our town a better community.

The Chamber has been busy, getting our upcoming events organized. Last week the registrations went out to all the businesses, for the Business Trade Fair portion of the Coal Forum on October 8th. Remember space is limited and it is on a first come first serve basis, so please get your registrations into the Tumbler Ridge Chamber of Commerce as soon as possible. For our Chamber Members the registration is FREE to participate in the trade fair, you just have to fill out the registration form. Details are being finalized for the Mine Managers Breakfast. This will be a fundraiser for the Chamber of Commerce, giving members of business and the public, an opportunity to meet the mine managers from the Tumbler Ridge area.

I need to apologize, as in my last article I had said the New Chamber Packages were done. The information and package is complete, however we are just awaiting the arrival of the 2009 TRCOC membership stickers. Once the membership stickers arrive, I will be making a point to see many of our members and give them the new packages. For you environmentally friendly people, I have the majority of the membership package in a word document that is available by e-mail. If you would prefer to get the package by e-mail please contact the office. The TRCOC membership sticker will still be delivered to your business.

The member package contains a current Chamber Executive, Board and Membership contact lists, our new membership form, member-to-member discount form, TRCOC Membership Benefits, business government contact numbers and information. The package also includes BC Small Business information and tips, GST and PST information, Northern Lights College education and course information, and Tumbler Ridge Tourist information for the majority of the package. Please remember if at any time you need assistance with your business the Tumbler Ridge Chamber of Commerce has a variety of resources that are available to our members.

I hope everyone has a wonderful, relaxing and of course safe long weekend!!