Tumbler Ridge Chamber of Commerce

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Hi Everyone. This week in our chatter space we are going to start something new. We have several new members this year, and we are going to spotlight one of them each week. When we are done that, we will continue with our renewing members until everyone has had a turn. We want you all to get to know our members and what they have to offer our community.

Just to let you all know about some of the events and projects we are planning.

1. February 18 to 22 is Chamber of Commerce Week.

There is going to be a big spread in the TR News, Jan 20,08. Chamber members if you want to get an ad in this paper please call Nancy at 5300. She will be calling all the current members, but for those who have not paid yet get the memberships in so you can be part of this.

2. February 18, 2008 there with be a Chamber Social from 7 to 9 pm in the TR Inn, dining room.

This event is for members only. Members you will be getting details via e-mail.

3. February 19, 2008 we are organizing THE ALL CANDIDATE?S FORUM.

It is in Room #5 of the Rec Centre. Doors will open at 7:00 pm, forum starts at 7:30 sharp. Come out and hear the candidates point of view.

Feb 7, 08 the Spirit of BC Committee for Tumbler Ridge was formed.

It was due to the initiative of the Chamber of Commerce.

This Committee will make it easier for all groups and organizations in the community to qualify for funds under BC150 and BC2010 Legacies grants. More information will be available mid February as the Committee receives it from the Provincial Government. Our Community is running a little behind others with this, so once it is in place there will mean a flurry of activity to get applications in.

Learn to Meet Green

I had the pleasure of going to a luncheon and work shop sponsored by Community Futures Peace Liard. The topic was ?Learn to Meet Green?.

They had the workshop here as they are hosting the Northern Women?s Symposium & Aurora Awards of Distinction April 2 and 3rd in Tumbler Ridge. They wanted us all to learn how meetings and conferences can be run GREEN, and not put a lot of garbage into our environment. The one thing that stands out in my mind after the workshop was Judy Kucharuk?s statement ?If you are going to prostitute your community for the good of a function, then maybe you do not need the function?.

Oh well – two things stand out, learning to be green starts in small steps ? and I am now not throwing any papers that are recycleable in to my garbage can.

The office door is always open, we like to hear your point of view, and see your smiling faces.