Being a female is the reason I am going to use for not being in Colan?s shop more than a time or two!! I shouldn?t call it a shop, the proper name is ?Auto Logic Service Center?.

CJG is also an Auto Sense Parts Supplier. Colin said ?we can supply any part that can be located?, but our main line is Auto Sense Parts?. ?We do Provincial Service Inspections? Colin said, and ?snow removal for Leases?.

CJG?s focus is a Vehicle Preventive Maintenance Program. Colin sets up a different program for different customers and their needs. Some programs are done at every oil inspection, especially on the Service Trucks. ?We also do all type of vehicle Manufacturers Scheduled Maintenance? said Colin. I thought to myself, another reason you DON?T have to leave Tumbler Ridge. How nice just to take that vehicle to a local shop.

For the people that like to do their own vehicle repair and maintenance, CJG has oil, oil filters, anti freeze and everything else you will need. CJG is a supplier of Co-op Oils.

Colan has a staff of four, plus himself. The first person you see when you walk in is Rose O?Neil. She is the Parts and Service Writer, she takes care of all the parts and does the bookings; all the front counter work. She knows her customers by their first names and where everything is, as she has been there for three years. There are two mechanics: Dustin Curry who has been with Colin for almost four years and Darcy Graff who is new at about two months. Bernita DeLeeuw, the bookkeeper, has been there four years. I said to Rose ?Colin must be a good boss to keep the staff this long, she replied – ?he sure is!?.

The housing prices in Tumbler Ridge plus the fact that there was room for two mechanics brought Colan here. Enjoying snowmobiling, hunting and fishing makes Tumbler a good home as well. He moved to Tumbler Ridge on December 13, 2003 and in early 2004 he opened up the shop he is in now.

123 Commercial Park is the Main location, there is a second location right beside the Bottle Depot. The second location has a heavier hoist to accommodate the heavier Service Trucks. It is also the Tire Shop and the location that the Provincial Inspections are done. You can get most brand name tires from CJG.

The Chamber of Commerce is pleased to say that Colin is one of our Directors. He is a five year resident and a business owner. We wish you continuing success in your very busy business Colin, and thank you for your time as a Director, and hope you continue for 2009. Stop by anytime, have a look around, or just stop by and say hi, and see what may be new.

123 Commercial Park Phone: 250.242.3651 Fax 250.242.3699