What a good turn out this year, both in participants of the parade and the watchers of the parade. Even the weather co-operated.

We had a special guest this year as well, Minister Blair Lekstrom attended our parade. Joanne Kirby drove Blair around in her mini Cooper, of course with the top down. Thank you Blair, sure is nice when you come to share our celebrations.

There were nineteen entries for judging this year. The Honorable judges were Scott Trim, Sharon Bray and Kim Isaak.

The best overall float went to Avalanche Trucking Ltd. Helen Scott and Sheena Urness were responsible for this wonderful entry that had a big Avalanche truck decked out with parrots, oars, life perserves, etc, pulling a trailer with palm trees, an occupied pool (with bikini shorts) and completed by a tropical bar.

Behind was a quad decked out like Hawaii as well. This was a wonderful entry, thank you very much for the time and effort it took to put this all together.

The parade was lead by the RCMP, followed by the fire trucks.

The parade had eight categories, with entrants in every category except for musical:

In the Non Profit Category: There were four entries.

1st place went to P.A.L.S. They had a decorated truck that pulled a trailer that looked like a garden, complete with a fence and dogs inside the fence. Great entry thanks.

2nd place ? Vacation Bible School: a big trailer with kids doing fun things. Nice job.

3rd place ? Chamber of Commerce ? Their members where their stars. The Girzfest stars could not out-shine the Camber of Commerce members.

Honorable Mention ? TR Days Society ? They had a huge guitar on a float. Really nice, don?t think any of the bands had one this size.

In the Small Business Category: With five entries.

1st place went to Shop Easy ? they were giving out a rose to every lady in sight and ice cream. What a nice treat, way to go Shop Easy !! With all the give away?s I don?t remember what the float looked like!!!

2nd place ? TR Bottle Depot ? Carmen Pegg had a beautiful decorated trailer, with a sample of all the items she will pay you cash for.

3rd place ? went to Perfect Party by Cody. Tessa Maloney had her car all decked out with a big present on the roof and balloons all over. The whole car looked like a big present.

Honorable Mention: Tumbler Ridge Medical & Rental Services ? they had a whole parade by themselves. They had a medical truck decorated, pulling a trailer with samples of the items they rent, and a couple of decorated quads driving around giving out candy. Thanks for the huge entry.

Honorable Mention: Tags – they had their truck and a nice big boat decorated, with the Tags flag and the Tags hot dog. Made people want to stop and get a hot dog and go to the lake.

In the Horses Category: – there where two entries

1st place – Hank Boere ? Hank had his minature horse and cart , two miniature donkeys as pack animals and another minature horse as a pack horse. He had Monkman or Bust on his cart in which Marie and Sharon rode. The mother and daughter looked like they came right out of the old times. Nice show Hank, thanks.

2nd place ? Kelsey Billey and her horse Shirley. Kelsey looked so good in her riding gear, she looked ready for the Grand Champion Steeplechase.

Municipal/Government: This category saw two entries

1st place ? District of Tumbler Ridge ? This entry had a waterfall depicting Monkman Falls in the back of a pick up. It had people walking behind with Monkman or bust, and a few other items behind as well. Very brave to have a waterfall as your float ? well done.

2nd place ? went to the Tumbler Ridge Fire Department ? they had those trucks spit and polished, along with the buttons on Tim Lee?s uniform. Thank you so much for participating.

Children?s Category ? This had one entry and they earned first place.

23 children from a reading group in the library walked in the parade with the ?Summer Reading Club? tee-shirts. Great job!

Business Category – four entries.

1st place ? Avalanche Trucking.

2nd place ? Ridge Rotors ? Rob Haydock was driving his truck pulling a trailer with the helicopter,all decked out in ballons, grasses, etc. Helicopter looked beautiful, but was not ready to fly. Thanks.

3rd place – Cascade Realty (1991) Ltd. – decorated truck pulling the decorated trailer with the playhouse they gave away. Part of their regular walking for charity group was walking along tossing out candies. Nice job, thanks.

Honorable Mention ? went to Western Canadian Coal. They had two trucks in the parade, one with a train and coal in the back, it was just perfect, and the other from the Brule Mine, showing off their safety award. Well done WCC, thanks for participating.

In the Show and Shine Category: there was one entry. The Terry Lansdowne Foundation had the owners of four FJ Cruisers showing off their cars. They were shined and polished and balloned!! They looked good and got first place in their category.

Thanks to all who took the time to participate in the parade.