Chamber of Commerce holds Public Meeting

A meeting was called to inform the community that the Tumbler Ridge Chamber of Commerce was officially incorporated August 16, 2004 and is open for business.

The event was presided over by Les Cooper, Interim president, who welcomed over 30 interested people to the meeting. His key remarks were the importance of a membership drive to get as many businesses signed up as possible prior to the next public meeting, when an election will be held to put our permanent board in place and build our future.

Cooper introduced the interim board and thanked them for their dedication and help in bringing the Chamber to this successful point.

Ed Kennedy defined what a Chamber really does and how it can enhance the future for everyone who lives and works here.

Ann Marie Haapala, Chamber insurance representative, spoke about personal benefits to be derived by members such as fuel discounts, insurance and much, much more.

Joanne Kirby spoke on electing our permanent board. Prior to the election meeting, candidates will be requested to fill out a candidate profile which will give members an insight to who is running for office and the qualifications they have to offer.

Les then asked for questions or comments from the floor at which time several positive discussions were carried out. Our new logo was introduced and was well received.

Councillor Don McPherson informed us there would be funds allocated to the Chamber for startup as previously announced at a public meeting.

Your Chamber of Commerce is here for you and we are asking for participation and support from the community to make Tumbler Ridge a better place to do business and to live your life style.