September of 1983 saw Tumbler Ridge grow by five. Josey Pindera moved here with her husband and three children from Fraser Lake, BC. Well, really Josey and the children came here in September, as her husband Jordan had arrived in May;

Jordan had gotten a job with Quintette Coal. The three children, Agnes, Geoff and Ashley became four children after they moved here. Tracey was born in Chetwynd.

As the children were growing up Josey started working part time in an insurance office.

It was called MacKay?s Insurance. That was 1997 and can you believe that MacKay?s was in the same place that Hub is today.

Josey was on the very first Library Board. She is no longer on that board, but keeps busy with other things: She has served or is serving as Director for the Chamber of Commerce (three years), on the Parish Council and Finance Committee for the Holy Cross Catholic Church and is very active in TOPS. She also curls with the Ladies Curling Club.

In January of 1998 MacKay?s Insurance became Barton Insurance. And in 2004 Josey became the Manager. Josey has studied very hard for her insurance knowledge; she is a Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker, holding a General Insurance Agent Level Three license.

?This is a very busy office? Josey said to me, ? it has grown from one and one half to three full time employees, and still growing.? ?We believe in personal attention, small town care, and our customers come first.? The office today is known as Hub International Barton Insurance Brokers.

Ashley Pindera, Josey?s daughter came to work for Hub in May 2006, and Jenna McQueen in February 2007. Josey said ?they are my front end, I could not do all this without them.? Jenna and Ashley hold a Level 1 License. These two young women are also very community minded. Jenna was born in Dawson and has lived her whole life in Tumbler Ridge. Ashley was only three months old when they moved here, so basically she has also lived her whole life here as well. Secretary of the Children?s Center Society, a member of the Wildfire Interface Committee, and a four year old daughter, Emmalynn, keeps Ashley busy. She said ?I like to read a lot, and I am starting to sew again.? Emmalynn is one of two grandchildren Josey has, the other, Julia, lives in Prince George. Jenna curls with the Ladies Curling Club and is on a baseball team which is part of the Fun Mixed League. Jenna has a five year old son, Jaden, which keeps her life full. Hub International Barton Insurance sells basically any kind of insurance you may need: Auto, Homeowners, Commercial, Recreational, Liability, etc. They are also an Agent for ICBC, covering Driver Licensing, renewals, and road tests. There are two examiners, sometimes three, that come once a month. You need to make an appointment for the drivers examiner, but walk in is fine for the rest.

The Chamber of Commerce is very pleased to spotlight a long time Business and Board Member of the Chamber. We wish you continuing success in your business and many enjoyable years in Tumbler Ridge. You will find Hub International Barton Insurance Brokers at #104 235 Front Street, right beside the Post Office and across from the Medical Centre.

Open 9:00-5:00 Monday ? Friday

closed for lunch

Phone 250.242.5288

Fax: 250.242.5100