Musical Marmot?s Studio had its beginnings in 2003 when Jerrilynn discovered that Crys White was a piano teacher.

Crys and Larry White moved to Tumbler in 2001 from Victoria, where Crys was teaching a few students, and furthering her musical education at the same time, through private lessons and pedagogy classes at the VCM. (Little did she know there was to be another ?Victoria? in her future–a mammoth donkey, Victoria!)

When she moved to Tumbler, Crys had no intention of teaching, or becoming ?involved? in any groups, activities, clubs, etc. After twenty-five years of teaching at the YM/YWCA, volunteering with numerous clubs, and raising a family, Crys wanted to retire!

 At the time there was no piano teacher in Tumbler, and Jerrilynn really wanted her daughter, Dakota, to continue with her piano studies. Well, one student became two students, became four students, and so it went on. Today there are fifteen ?marmots? at varying levels of study.

The benefits of piano study are numerous-and varied. Each student has musical strengths and abilities, and it is the job of the teacher to build on these characteristics and bring out the ?musician? that lies within each student, young or mature. 

Music develops a child? s character by forming good study habits, self discipline, problem solving skills, patience and perseverance. Self confidence and poise combined with a sense of personal achievement help round out the character of the student. The education system now grants up to twelve high school credits for music study.

Musical Marmot?s Studio focuses on the Toronto Royal Conservatory of Music syllabus of study. Not all students wish to take exams, and not all students study Classical music. Theory and history are also taught , exams are prepared, and students are strongly encouraged to attend concerts, and to perform whenever and wherever possible.

Thank you Crys for all your hard work in our community and for joining the Chamber of Commerce this year. We are so pleased when our local businesses join our Membership, and attend our meetings. Please watch for one of the Musical Marmot?s Studio recitals and attend, to see how great those students are. You can contact Crys and Musical Marmot?s Studio by calling: 250.242.4499 email: