The Saddle Club has been around for a long time. The first election of Officers was held August 20th 1984. September 19, 1984 the Club was Incorporated through the Society Act and it was declared a non-profit Charitable Organization.

It wasn?t until January 22, 1985, that they acquired a lease from the District for approximately 20 acres, with an option of 20 more. In the fall of 1985 it was decided that the Club would have it?s first Rodeo the following spring.

The Saddle Club had a sold out Rodeo and Dance for three consecutive years and In 1989 it became part of Grizzly Valley Days.

I was told a little secret that a lot of you may not know about the Saddle Club. Councillor Schembri, who was Rochon in 1989, placed High Point Winner of the Day at a Gymkhana held at the Club. Harry said ?bet you didn?t know with all her other obvious talents, she is a cowgirl as well?. No Harry, some of us did not know.

Harry said, ?There have been many ups and downs throughout the 25 years of our existence. The down things we tend to forget easily .. the good times are tucked away in the fond memories of many people, as mining towns tend to have a high turn over of residents?.

It doesn?t surprise me that this Club has been in existence almost twenty five years; it is like Harry said ,?every one was a new resident and a lot missed their horses that had to be left behind?. ?They and others saw one of the best places imaginable to ride the surrounding country with an ease hardly ever encountered anywhere else (no fences)?. ?Lots of beautiful scenery ? high country ? rivers ? this was something worth pursuing.? People still come to ride their horses here in our wonderful countryside.

Kim Clark, the Club Treasurer, told me ?We are celebrating our 25th anniversary this year. We have combined our annual poker ride and gymkhana with our anniversary celebrations?.

Some of the things you will see are Trick Riders, called ?Double Trouble?; Sgt. Kurt Peats will return to MC the weekend. The annual pancake breakfast will be held on Sunday June 14th. A family dance will be held on Saturday ,June 13th. There will be a lot more as well. I don?t want to spoil the fun and let you know what is going on, as there will be a big article in the paper closer to the event; but I can tell you, that I will be out there taking in some of the fun with all of you.

The Grizzly Valley Saddle Club has been a long time member of the Chamber of Commerce. They are known for their generosity to other organizations in Tumbler Ridge. I know that they gave sleigh rides last December on light up night. Harry and his percherons also donated their time and energy for the Mayor`s food drive. The Chamber of Commerce is so proud of your long existence, and we wish you all the best for your Anniversary Celebrations. Harry said, ?we are inviting just everybody… In town, and from everywhere, and again as we always have, we are supporting this year?s charity ? TR Health Foundation.? Watch the paper for their Blow Out Celebrations of a magnitude that will be remembered for another 25 years.

This is the wish for the Saddle Club this year.

You can get in touch with The Grizzly Valley Saddle Club by contacting the President Harry Prosser at 250.242.3814 or the Treasurer, Kim Clark at her email ?Kim Clark? Hank Boere is liaise for the Saddle Club with the Chamber of Commerce. You can phone him at 250.242.3316.

We hope to see you all around for another 25 YEAR Celebration, and I don?t think there has been a parade without horses of some kind!!