December 2007, Karsten Henricksen moved to Tumbler Ridge, to take over the position of Continuing Education Coordinator, from Dease Lake, BC, where he was working with NLC.

The Chamber of Commerce is pleased to welcome him to the group, and very pleased that he became a Director of the Chamber, as he had Chamber experience from Dease Lake.

Mountain biking is a pastime that Karsten enjoys, and he is happy with the surroundings in Tumbler Ridge. His biggest pastime however is being a volunteer. He told me ?in the last four years I have clocked over 10,000 hours in volunteer service and sat on over thirty five boards in different organizations.?

The Workforce Training and Continuing Education Department of NLC is committed to ensuring timely and relevant training in the District of Tumbler Ridge. The department meets this demand by offering public courses in addition to providing training to our industry partners ?Contact Training?.

Karsten said ?what many people don?t know is that the Workforce Training Department is capable of meeting any Training demand, ?we are in the business of making sure people and organizations have the skills they need to succeed and grow.?

Over the coming months, NLC will continue their work with the Energy Sector (Gas, Coal and Wind) on a variety of projects, such as Wind Energy Training.

In addition, they are working steadily towards the introduction of the Adventure Tourism Program. The program is unique to Tumbler Ridge and offers learners the skills they need to succeed in the Adventure Tourism Industry. Everyone that is part of the Tourism Committee, was very happy to hear about this when Karsten announced it at the last meeting.

The Workforce Training and Continuing Education Department is also very proud to welcome Holly Land and Kelly Hough to Northern Lights College. They are the pleasant voices that answer the phones. These two have quickly become familiar to the types of training and courses offered at the Campus.

You can reach Karsten, Holly and Kelly by phone at 250.242.5591, toll free 1.800.324.820; Fax: 250.242.3109, or dropping by the Campus just down the side walk between the medical centre and the Recreation Centre. Or if you park in the high school parking lot, walking around to the far end of the building behind to the medical centre. Northern Lights College website is:

One of Karsten?s favorite sayings is ?Education is a tool for economic development?