The Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society can boast the construction of thirty to thirty five hiking trails over the years with the help of youth groups and volunteers.

Trails are currently maintained under an ?Adopt a Trail Program?. Anyone can adopt a trail ? they would go for a hike on their adopted trail, remove any brush, debri and fallen trees. If their trail has a lot of downed trees so that it entails a big clean up job, then a volunteer work group would be organized and they would go clean that trail. The people or group who have adopted a trail take care of it for a year at a time.

Restoring Monkman Trail and getting it opened for public use is part of their organaization as well. This Trail runs from Beaverlodge to Hobi?s Cabin on the McGregor river. This is a driving and hiking trail ? you can drive from Beaverlodge to Kinuseo Falls with many stops along the way for information on the trail, and from Kinuseo Falls you hike. The official opening of this Trail is July 17, 2008. If you want to be a part of the action on this day please contact Lindsey at the Town Hall. 250.242.4242

Bull Moose Marshes Trail is currently being maintained by Canadian Junior Rangers. The Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society is hoping to get funding to put in walkways which are wheelchair accessible ? also baby strollers and walkers in the Bull Moose Marshes Trail. Fred told me ?this was Dr. Charles Helm?s idea.?

This group is also in the process of cleaning the alpines of stryofoam, which was put there by BC Railways, it was used days ago to make communication reflectors. Also on various mountain tops are old batteries these are also being cleaning up, they are from communications as well, possibly repeater stations. The project name for this is ?Alpine Garbage.?

Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society organize:

THE EMPEROR?S CHALLEGE ? held in August. This is a 20 km race, that is know as the most beautiful mountain half marathon in the world. If you want any more information on the race you may contact Linda Helm at 250.242.3984 or Bergan Sharman 250.242.4860. Fred said ?Linda needs volunteers for this, please call her?.

BIATHALON ? This was held in June. This is a running and riding race.

RIDGE RAMBLE ? This race starts at the Golf Course and they run across the country. This will be held sometime in September or October. Again contact Linda Helm.

ITCHY FEET in conjunction with the Tumbler Ridge Library ? This is where people come and share the vacations they had with anyone who wants to come and listen.

In the winter they are also busy, they make and groom cross country ski trails, with a machine called a track setter that is pulled by a sled driven by Larry White or Kevin Sharman. They have trails on the Wolverinie trail to the Lost Haven Cabin. Some winters there are also cross country ski races.

Fred told me that ?every Monday at 7:00 pm until about October, they all get together for a social walk ? run training etc. around the Flatbed Loops Trail.? He said ?everyone is welcome, the more the merrier.? ?Every October we have an AGM and our Spring Meetings are always advertised.? ?We are always looking for new members.?

Fred who came from Hudson Hope in 2005 is the president of this very busy organization for his second term. He was part of the group for one year before that. He and his wife Shawna were retired in Hudson Hope but their passion is hiking. They got tired of always driving to our beautiful part of the country and the best hiking ever, so they just moved here. What a good decision Fred and Shawna.

The Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society have just opened the Quality Mouth Trail. Fred said ?there will be signs and brochures as soon as possible.? ?Just keep checking with Doreen at the Travel Information Booth from time to time, as she will get them as soon as anyone.?

They are currently working on the location and construction of the following trails:

Bergeron Falls Circular Trail – This is a circular trail that will take you to and from the falls on about a nine km. circular hike. Albright Ridge Trail and Winfall Lake Trail.

The Chamber of Commerce wishes your Society many Happy Trails. Thank you for joining our Group, and it is a pleasure to have you aboard.

Anyone is interested in joining this Society, you will find forms at the Doctors Offices in the Medical Centre. Any information on any of the races can be obtained from Linda Helm, or by getting in touch with any member of the executive.

President – Fred Booker

Vice President -Crys White

Sectretary – Dr. Charles Helm

Tresurer – Patsy Antle – Patsy is working at the Medical Centre.

Phone 250.242.3984