Bill told me ?with the help of our friends Anthony Boos and Karen Meyer, we were able to start something that was badly needed in Tumbler Ridge.? ?A tow truck service!? As anyone that needed a tow truck knows the previous tow truck business had closed, and we had to get our service from Chetwynd or Dawson.

Triple Action Towing, as the name implies, is a tow truck service. Bill and Laura have a two ton – tow truck which Bill uses to do normal, recovery and off road towing. For those of you like me that may not know what recovery towing is, it is when Bill tows vehicles out of the ditches, rivers, etc. Bill said ?we also have dollies to haul vehicles that are not in condition to be towed?. They also can get you into your vehicle when you are locked out, do a tire change and bring you gas when you run out and this tow truck is affiliated with ICBC and BCAA. Bill is RCMP approved; the RCMP uses Triple Action for its impound towing and accidents.

They have 24 hour service, however Bill said ?you get friendly, courteous service before 11:00 pm?, then he laughed. They service Tumbler Ridge, Chetwynd and Dawson.

Bill and Laura moved to Tumbler Ridge in October 2002 from Ft. St. John. Bill worked in the oil patch running heavy equipment for ten years or more. Laura worked in the catering industry for Legacy Catering, now known as Fortier and Associates. After they moved here, Bill stayed in the oil patch for awhile, and Laura stayed at home until May 2003, then she went to work at Ma-Ma-Way Camp. When she left there you will remember seeing her at True Value.

When they moved here, there were only the two of them. Since then, they have two daughters in Tumbler and the third one in the process of moving here, one son and a daughter-in-law, four grandchildren and Laura?s mother, all living in Tumbler. Is it the beautiful scenery of Tumbler, it?s nice folks, or Laura and Bill, that brought them all here?

Bill and Laura we are so pleased that you were able to provide this service to Tumbler Ridge residents, and we are very pleased that you joined the Chamber. With new members like your joing forces with the long standing members, we will get our Mission Accomplished. Thank you.

You will find Triple Action Towing at 267 Steeprock

Phone: 250.242.7316 Fax: 250.242.4470