Chamber of Commerce

Nomination Meeting

Wednesday, April 7th 2004

7:00 pm

Tumbler Ridge Community Centre – Rm. 5

A meeting was held to discuss the reestablishment of a Chamber of Commerce in Tumbler Ridge on March 24th, 2004. It was decided that the next step required to move forward is to have members of the business and non-profit communities gather for the nomination of the interim board of directors. These people will be responsible for:

· Spearheading the administrative process required to obtain legal status for the new Chamber of Commerce

· Gathering and organizing a membership base

· Organizing and conducting an official election

According to the Boards of Trade Act, the legislation that governs Chamber of Commerce organization across Canada, 11 people must be nominated for this interim board. Out of these 11 people an executive must be selected, including:

· A president

· A vice president

· A secretary/treasurer

The other eight people will act as directors of the interim board.

Nominations will be taken from the floor by those in attendance. If there are more than 11 nominations received, ballots will be distributed and an election will be held. In this case, those elected will be announced immediately after the ballots are counted and the results are verified.

Show your active support in laying the foundation of our new economy and attend this very important meeting on April 7th, 2004.

For more information please contact nomination steering committee members:

Joanne Kirby ? 242.2399 Liz Noble ? 242.5611 Harry Prosser ? 242.3814

Brenda Banham ? 242.3268 Brian Vernon ? 242.2014 Brandy Blum ? 242.2364

10 Benefits of Creating a Chamber of Commerce in Tumbler Ridge

· Opportunities to network and liaise with other members of the business community

· Greater ability to promote your business and its services/products

· Access to group insurance plans

· More opportunities for professional development, including seminars, programs and workshops

· Access to group medical and dental plans

· Enhanced climate for conducting business, one that is more attractive to potential investors

· Creation of strong community representation and a collective voice on issues impacting businesses in our community

· Greater access to local, regional, provincial and federal policy-makers

· Accreditation with the Better Business Bureau

· Access to product and business service discounts including

§ Long distance rates

§ Merchant rate accounts (for credit cards and Interac)

§ Phone account plans

§ Fleet fuel accounts

You and your business will be in an advantageous position to grow and prosper because of the many benefits offered through forming a Chamber of Commerce in Tumbler Ridge. By becoming a member, you will prove your commitment to making our town a better place to live and do business.