Growing up on a dairy farm in Ontario, producer Lynn Booth never thought she would be making a series for Global television about small town gals and guys who want to be international debutantes. Her first job was slopping pigs, but she soon headed off to The University of Western Ontario, which she says “was more of a social education than anything else. It was full of preppies. That’s a hard world to navigate right off the farm!”

Booth, producer of Pretty Boys, Culture Jam, The Whistleblower, and The Life and Times of Tim Horton, just a few of her past documentary projects, says “I could have used a Charm School myself. That’s probably why I thought it would be a popular series. I was always confused by how much to tip the doorman or which fork I should use for which course. Not to mention what I should wear to the Metropolitan Opera. So my idea of Charm School is basically a chance for a couple of hometown types to travel internationally and enter the higher levels of society with a lot of help.”

Charm School is in development with Global Television this year and is scheduled for a Spring 2005 production. The producers of this new Canadian television series are looking for young men and women from small towns across the country who want to get a complete social makeover ¬ inside and out — while visiting London, Paris, New York or another fabulous city.

Charm School Productions is searching the country for a dozen 20-35 year old FABULOUS men and women. They are looking for diamonds in the rough ¬– someone ready for a first class polish and a chance to shine on an international stage.

Interested? Send a home video telling the producers where you want to go and why you should get a whirlwind social makeover. Send videotapes and photos to Charm School Productions, Inc c/o 198 East 21st Avenue, Vancouver BC. V5V 1P8. There is no fee for entry. Deadline is October 18, 2004.



LONDON, PARIS, NEW YORK CITY, LOS ANGELES, TORONTO, BERLIN, EDINBURGH, VENICE Tell us where you want to go and why. If you have a dream to dance at a Ball, attend the Opera or meet the Queen, or grace the social stages of the world with your presence, please send us your home video telling us why we should fly you to one of the most fabulous cities in the world for a whirlwind social makeover and your chance, at long last, to be an international debutante.

We are looking for 20-35 year old FABULOUS men and women who want to play Cinderella (or Cinderfella). We are looking for Diamonds in the rough who want a first class polish to become part of our television series.

All videotapes and photos should be posted to Charm School Productions Inc.

c/o 198 East 21st Avenue, Vancouver BC. V5V 1P8

Only short listed candidates will be contacted. Deadline October 18, 2004.

We will respond in early November for the best applicants. No fee for entry!