Charting a Course for Ottawa

NDP candidate Michael Hunter has opened an office in Tumbler Ridge despite talk of the federal election being delayed until the fall. Hunter noted the opening was designed more out of election readiness than anything else. Speaking from Prince George he said, ?we want to be ready to go no matter when the writ is dropped and this is just one of the steps that will make sure everything is in place when (Prime Minister) Martin calls the election?.

Like many NDP candidates, Hunter is busy making additional preparations that include ordering signs and printed material. He may, though, be the only federal candidate in any party to have already opened an office. Hunter has spent considerable time traveling around his riding to meet constituents since his nomination on March 20th. He recently spoke to the Hudson Hope Town Council in addition to trips to Fort St. John, Dawson Creek, Mackenzie and Prince George.

Ipsos-Reid polls have also influenced Hunter?s decisions to stay busy as the party recently topped 18% of decided voters. “It is clear that the NDP is a party on the move”, Hunter says. “We are gaining support faster, and in more regions, than anyone else. No wonder Martin is afraid to call the election. The NDP is ready. Canadians are ready. The Liberal party is not.”

For now the actual date of the election call is anyone’s guess. One thing that is sure, however, is that Hunter has no plans of slowing down. He and fellow NDP candidate Rick Smith have a number of events scheduled in Prince George over the next two weeks. In addition, the two recently met with students at UNBC before the summer break and were pleased with the response.

Hunter is running in the riding of Prince George-Peace River while Smith is running in Cariboo-Prince George where contraversy continues to plague Conservative and Liberal nominations.

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