Chetwynd Shelter Receives Funding

CHETWYND – The Red Lion Inn in Chetwynd will benefit from funding for its emergency shelter beds announced today by Peace River South MLA Blair Lekstrom.

?This funding will help the Red Lion Inn to improve the valuable services it offers in Chetwynd,? said Lekstrom. ?Our government is committed to providing support to prevent people from ending up on the streets and helping those who need assistance getting off the streets.?

?Emergency shelters provide an essential service to those who find themselves in very difficult circumstances, and this new funding will help to make sure people can stay temporarily in safe and secure surroundings.?

The Red Lion Inn will receive one-time funding of approximately $2,800 to replace three beds and mattresses and to replace the flooring in two rooms.

?Our government is committed to addressing issues surrounding homelessness, and emergency shelters can help people stay off the street and get access to basic services so they can find more stable forms of housing,? said Lekstrom.

The Red Lion Inn receives annual funding of about $48,000 through the provincial Emergency Shelter Program for three emergency shelter beds for men and women.

Budget 2007 increased funding for the Emergency Shelter Program by $27 million over three years, converting about 300 seasonal cold/wet weather beds to year-round beds, bringing the total number of year round beds across the province to about 1,300. In addition, there is funding for about 1,100 shelter spaces across the province that are made available during extreme weather conditions.

Today the Province announced additional annual funding of $41 million for a range of new and expanded measures to break the cycle homelessness across the province. These measures focus on breaking the cycle of homelessness through outreach and intervention on the street, and providing more permanent housing with supports, to help people regain their independence:

*Increase funding for emergency shelters so they can be open 24/7 to provide better services and assistance for those who are


*Expanding homeless outreach services to 27 new and existing communities;

*Provide 750 rent supplement units to assist the homeless in the private market; and,

*Work with municipalities to fast-track approvals for more supportive housing.

An additional $2.4 million is being provided to emergency shelters for one-time capital funding and on-going annual operating funding.