Chetwynd Chamber kicks off new M2M program

Naomi Larsen, Chetwynd Echo Editor
CHETWYND – The Chetwynd Chamber of Commerce is launching a new program in hopes of encouraging Chamber members to do business with other Chamber members.
Now included with memberships is an application for the M2M (Member 2 Member) discount program.
The M2M operation: Participating businesses provide discounts or other benefits for their products and/or services. In return, they receive recognition in the form of advertising exposure and potentially much more business. For example, some businesses may choose to provide a 15 per cent discount, a one year warranty with purchase, a $20 gift card with purchase of $100 and so on. It’s their choice.
Modeled after a similar program in Kamloops, Chetwynd Chamber of Commerce manager Tonia Richter said the M2M program is replacing the Shop Local program from 2011. 
To participate, businesses just need to show their M2M card.
“And for an extra $5 per card, your employees can reap the benefits,” she said.
Chetwynd Chamber of Commerce contact information:
TONIA RICHTER, Executive Director
TAB YOUNG, Executive Assistant
ERIN BUCKLEY, Tourism Coordinator