Youth Top Priority

Liz Brown, Chetwynd Echo 
CHETWYND – It didn’t take long for Ana Peasegood to sink her teeth into a project since taking the lead of the family resource centre this fall.  Her project—no light task—is to seek an effective youth program for Chetwynd’s teens and implement it with the help of local partnerships.
Peasegood provided a brief update at the Sukunka Meeting Oct. 18, and said while she strongly recognizes the need for youth programming in Chetwynd, it is not something to be rushed.
“One of the biggest gaps we’re seeing is still the youth and teens,” said Peasegood.
Peasegood has met with Healthy Community Coordinator Julie Shaw and together will meet with Chetwynd Secondary’s student council to determine what type of programming would attract youth.
“I don’t know what’s cool any more…they are old enough to tell us what they need,” said Peasegood.
She also acknowledges the typical student council member already possesses a strong sense of self-confidence and drive.  They are not necessarily the youth to target, but believe it is one step of many towards understanding the youth’s needs.
They are also toying with involving seniors- another population lacking programming and would attempt to establish a potential mentorship relationship between the two generations.
“The potential for partnerships is huge, we just need to bring everyone together,” said Peasegood.
Currently Peasegood is delving into a sea of data, determining dropout rates, potential partnerships, involving existing youth projects and First Nations bands.
“I don’t think this is something that should be rushed,” said Peasegood.


Peasegood is open to ideas as they begin planning their approach for the youth’s programming.