Chilko Critters T-Ball

Every Tuesday and Thursday there are little red hats running on the Elementary School ball field. The Chilko Critters are practicing T-Ball. Sally McAninch?s idea to offer T-ball to the two to five years old children in the community proved to be a success beyond any imagination. The expectation of 12 children tripled as there are currently about 36 children enjoying this team-sport. Sally?s idea came from her own experience with her daughter. Team players are never alone and the group of these small children shows excitement about ?belonging? ? a tendency that develops even stronger in the teen-age phase. Sally?s idea gives this natural tendency a positive direction and the kids enjoy learning the rules of the game and show the pride of a ball-player. Chilko Critters hats were sponsored by a local company and the jerseys were purchased from the membership which is $25 . The parents of the children share the excitement giving a great support to Sally who is the coach of the team. Contact: phone 242-3689