China or Bust

Is this the opportunity of a lifetime or what? You get to go to China for a nominal registration fee ($150) and in exchange you are asked to speak English for six hours a day.

This may sound too good to be true, but it is a real opportunity being offered to residents of Tumbler Ridge thanks to Jonathan Liu. Jonathan has been working with CIEC (Canada International Education Centre). CIEC is a non-profit organization, which operates on many Canadian university campuses. Their programs offer Canadians the opportunity to gain practical experience in a foreign country.

?There are four types of tourists; regional, provincial, national and international, Jonathan says, ?The one obstacle to bringing international tourists to Tumbler Ridge is that they don?t know where Tumbler Ridge is.? By taking part in this trip, Tumbler Ridge residents are offered the chance to share their culture with people in China while promoting Tumbler Ridge.

Travelers will be departing from Tumbler Ridge on July 8 for a 45-day journey. They will be provided with one free round trip airline ticket to Hong Kong, as well as travel into Mainland China. Participants will also enjoy free accommodations, meals and tours throughout the province. They will be given the opportunity to learn Chinese customs while spending time with a Chinese family.

In return for all of this, participants will be expected to converse in English for six hours a day. Topics for this conversation will be provided and include; how to make introductions, how to communicate in a shopping centre, etc. These conversations will take place in class, in the park or over meals. ?The idea isn?t that you will be an English teacher,? says Jonathan, ?The idea is to have conversations with Chinese people in a variety of settings.?

Registrations for this trip are due by June 5. There is a $450 deposit that has to be paid with the registration. $300 of this will be given back to the participants in Chinese yen upon arrival in China. So, drop your shovels, pack a bag, polish up your communication skills, and we?ll see you in six weeks.