Christian Labour Association of CanadaCLAC Members ratify new union contract at Perry Creek Mine

Tumbler Ridge ? On August 1st, 2006, members of CLAC Local 68 voted 2 to 1 in favour of a new 5-year collective agreement at the Perry Creek Mine Site. The mine, which is owned by Western Canadian Coal and located 28 kilometres west of Tumbler Ridge, employs roughly 200 union members.

The contract, arrived at with the assistance of mediator Vince Ready, results in average wage increases of 21% over the first three years of the agreement and wage and benefit reviews built in for years 4 and 5. ?These negotiations weren?t easy, so we are pleased with a two thirds majority?, said Krista Drost, BC Representative and lead negotiator. ?This collective agreement will provide our members with some of the highest wages and benefits among operating mines in BC. Now we can focus on representing our members at the mine.?

Other highlights of the agreement include night and weekend premiums, escalating clothing allowance, training provisions, tool allowances, strong seniority protection, an individual RRSP plan for each member and a comprehensive benefit plan. The bargaining committee consisted of CLAC staff reps Krista Drost, Ian Gibson and Kevin Pederson, along with elected member?s reps Roger Guillemette, Paul Johnston, Kris Kelsch, Andy Townson and Dan Tremblay.

CLAC is a multicraft, Canadian, values-based trade union. CLAC seeks to apply a partnership model which blends strong and effective worker advocacy with the long term interest of the work community. The union?s BC membership is over 12,000 and the national membership total is 40,000.