Christmas Eve services held at the Community Centre

On Christmas Eve many gathered as they have for this traditional Christmas Eve Service at the Community Center. It has become part of Christmas for many here in Tumbler Ridge and this year was no exception. Families, and friends, both young and old sat in the comfort of the Fireplace Lounge listening to the readings of how Christmas came to be presented by individuals from those attending.

Readings were made by Father David, and Pastors Ben Kostamo and Bill Hendley.

Our own local Tumbler Ridge Choir, directed by Dawn Wagner, added a wonderful touch as they sang Christmas favorites.

As you can imagine it was difficult for some of the very young to restrain themselves knowing this was the night that Santa was to arrive but this only added to the evening, as children are so much of what Christmas is about.

Many events have taken place this Christmas season in Tumbler Ridge, at the Tumbler Ridge Elementary, The Secondary School, the Community Center and the Library, to name just a few. The residents did themselves proud when looking at the numbers in attendance for these functions.

I must say one of the highlights was waiting to see what kind of Christmas hat Father David was going to wear at the Community Christmas Eve Service. We were not disappointed. Father David?s hat has become a part of the Christmas tradition in Tumbler Ridge.

We wish you all a wonderful 2009 and all the best that life has to offer in the coming year.