Christmas Hamper 2007

With the Christmas Season just around the corner, we remember the blessings of the past year and ask that you spread a little love and joy around the community by the simple act of giving. I would encourage you to consider assisting the Tumbler Ridge Ministerial Association by lending a helping hand, promoting awareness or by donation.

We are looking for business,organizations and indivduals to sponsor fully or part a Christmas hamper for an anticipated number of families within our community.

You can assist us by:

Hanging posters in your windows

Placing collection cans near your cash registers

Ask for non-perishables to be given as entry to your functions

Baking for Xmas Hamper table at the TRISP craft fair

Donating your turkey vouchers

Purchase of a toy for a child

Volunteer your time

Tumbler Ridge is a caring and compassionate community that is why I am encouraged as we start the 2007 hamper campaign that by simple deeds of kindness we shall ensure that our less fortunate friends will have a joyous Christmas Season.

If you can assist in any way please call 242-3475.