Citizen Survey Circulates In September

Tumbler Ridge residents will soon have an opportunity for input into the future of their community. And they won?t even have to leave home to get their say.

The District of Tumbler Ridge will distribute a Citizen Survey early in September with responses due back by month?s end. It will be sent to all homes in town and will be available at all District facilities in the community and on the municipality?s website.

?A lot has changed here in the six years since the last survey undertaken by the UNBC and there are also a lot of newer people, so it is timely to gauge how residents are feeling about their community,? says Mayor Mike Caisley. ?People are always welcome to come forward with concerns or ideas. This is an opportunity for people at large to comment on a wide variety of questions about our programs and services.?

Residents are able to register their level of satisfaction with services in areas such as roadways and transportation, environmental services, parks, leisure and cultural services, planning, and protective services. They are also able to comment on water conservation, communications and public consultation by the District, and how priorities should be set in the future.

The survey also asks questions to gather demographic information, such as the gender and age of residents as well as household data. Space is provided for residents to list additional comments and make suggestions to improve the community.

Completed surveys wil be eligible for one of three prizes in a draw.

?We look forward to feedback from Tumbler Ridge residents through this public consultation,? says Chief Administrative Officer Lonny Miller. ?This information will be valuable as we head toward budget meetings later in the year.?