City Light Vigil


Chetwynd’s City Light Vigil consists of, Connor Pohl (Guitar, Vocals), Michael Pohl (Drums and Percussion) and Matt Stanyer (Bass, Vocals).

In 2003 Connor and Michael started Atrium, a band which gained a small following in local towns, with former bassist Erik Fink. Matthew was the front man of The Flipside, which was Atrium’s biggest competitor.

These two bands would go head to head at “battle of the bands” competitions and always try to outdo one another when it came to how far along their band had gotten, with any sort of measurable success.

In the spring of 2012 Atrium was on the verge of disbanding, as their bassist wanted to pursue other avenues in life, at the same time The Flipside was a month away from taking a dirt nap. Connor was approached by The High School Grad class of 2012 to have Atrium play at a fundraiser , however the band was no more. In an attempt to salvage the opportunity Connor reached out and asked Matt if he would like to join forces and help raise money. Matt jumped at the bit, and rehearsals began.

It was magnetic. A sense of fulfillment was felt all around. Never had any of them felt such chemistry. Within the first week, they would write and record demos late into the night at a vacant church. Awe inspiring, and eerie are two ways to describe the writing process. Things just happened quickly, and without any headwinds.

They would write the entire debut album over the period of the next year. During this year the boys would accomplish a lot more than just writing an album. July 1st 2012 they were invited to open for Phil X (Bon Jovi, Kelly Clarkson, Powder) at the Whiskey A-Go-Go, Hollywood. Being from a town of ten thousand people the band instantly gained notoriety and local fame. While playing at the Whiskey a producer from MTV approached the band and was ecstatic with feedback “You guys are onto something great, you were the act of the night, I love your sound!” It went on and on. The boys were overjoyed.

While in LA they were scouted after the Whiskey A-Go-Go show to play another handful of venues in the OC including the “Detroit Bar”. It was a beautiful experience. Upon returning home to the north, the band headlined Beaverfest 2012 in Valleyview, AB as well as co headlining a show at the Studio Foundation in Edmonton, AB and landing a gig at Grizfest 2012. Things were going well.

That September they opted to gig less and focus more on the album with studio time approaching the following May,  it was time to buckle down. The debut record was tracked at Turnkey Studios in Edmonton. Mixed by Dan Weston (City and Colour, Attack In Black, Flo, Rida) and Mastered by Tom Baker (Rob Zombie, 30 Seconds To Mars, Underoath). Titled “Bright Shining” referred to as “the Bright Shining record”. Listening back in the studio, the band knew they had done something great and felt it compared to their favorite albums of all time. It was a dream of each member, to do something on this level. Ten years in the making. The future is looking bright, from city to city, we’ll spread our light. Never giving up, never giving in.