DAWSON CREEK- ? The City of Dawson Creek is implementing an anti-idling policy as part of its Green Vehicle Policy (GVP).

?This is a logical next-step,? says Mayor Calvin Kruk. ?It?s a small change that will result in significant savings for the City, and it will help meet our targets for reducing green house gas emissions (GHGs).?

Idle-reduction programs investigated by the City have shown annual savings of up to 20 percent on fuel cost for vehicle fleets. In 2006 the City set a goal of reducing GHG emissions by 20 percent within ten years.

The policy sets guidelines to reduce unnecessary idling by reducing warm-up idling to no more than 30 seconds as long as windows are clear, and turning off vehicles if stopped for more than 10 seconds unless:

1. In traffic;

2. The job requires the vehicle to be running;

3. The temperature is below ?10C;

4. Doing so would endanger the driver or the vehicle.

?The Idle-Free policy will apply to the municipal vehicle fleet,? says Kevin Henderson, Director of Operations for the City of Dawson Creek. ?But we are also encouraging the community to get involved as well.?

The City of Dawson Creek and Idle-Free BC will be hosting a workshop for City staff on Thursday, September 20th, 2007 at the Super 8 hotel in Dawson Creek and have invited all other local governments in the region to participate.

Idle-Free BC is a partnership between the Ministry of Environment, the Fraser Basin Council, and Fleet Challenge BC that works to facilitate anti-idling policies in BC.

Signs indicating idle-free zones will be placed at City locations including City Hall, the Fire Hall and at City operated recreational facilities. Idle-Free BC has also provided stickers for City fleet vehicles, and brochures for public consultation that are available at City Hall plus 20 large signs designed to educate the public about the benefits of reducing vehicle idling.