Clarification: Polices & Priorities Meeting August 17, 2009 and reported on page 4 of the August 26 newspaper.

8.3 Recruitment of Nurses.

Councillor Wren suggested the District of Tumbler Ridge come up with more incentives that are specific to Tumbler Ridge to help attract nurses to our town.

The agency nurse that was here in Tumbler Ridge was hired from Ontario and it cost Northern Health $20,000 to bring him here to give our two nurses a much needed break.

The above remark was not given ownership, however its position in the paragraph may lead to the assumption that the comment was made by Councillor Wren. That is not the case. Councillor Wren did not discuss Northern Health financial matters at the Council meeting. The amount was mentioned in the context of the Council meeting, but not by Councillor Wren, and is not correct as the cost has not yet been determined.

Our apologies to Councillor Wren.

The Editor