Patsy Antle likes to go jogging in the morning, just to get her heart beating faster. But on Wednesday, May 5, her morning jog got her heart pounding like never before.

While crossing the street from the Shop Easy parking lot to the bear walk between the two apartment buildings, she looked up?only to see a bear coming the other way towards her. ?I just turned and ran as fast as I can to the Shell Station, which was the only place in town I could think of that might be open.?

This was the first bear call of the year for the RCMP. Constable Josh Buck says that bears in Tumbler Ridge are a fairly common occurrence. ?Last year we had at least a dozen calls, and we had a couple problem garbage bears.?

Wednesday?s bear was fortunately not a problem. ?There was no indication that it was a problem bear. One person who saw the bear said it sniffed at a garbage can, but the conservation officers think it might have been smelling dog pee.?

After leaving a calling card in the bear walk, the bear crossed the parking lot, passed through the school and across the street. Constable Buck followed the tracks from the school and into the forest for a ways. A short ways. ?The tracks were Grizzly. I never saw the bear, but the tracks were Grizzly. Hopefully it was just passing through town,? says Cst. Buck.

And as for Patsy? ?This is a story I?m going to be telling my Grandchildren: grandma and the grizzly.?