Coal in Canada

Coal is the world?s most abundant and widely distributed fossil fuel. The current proven world coal reserve is estimated at 1000 billion tonnes spread over 70 countries. Canada holds close to 10 billion tonnes of coal reserves, more energy than all of our oil, natural gas and oil sands combined. Every year the Canadian coal industry mines about 5 billion loonies…..In the process, we support thousands of jobs for heavy equipment operators, tradespeople, geologists, engineers, biologists, accountants – even writers and artists! Every year our industry contributes an estimated $5 billion to Canada?s economy – enough to sustain over 73,000 average Canadian families for twelve months! We also directly and indirectly employ thousands of men and women, from coast to coast. As a result of our efforts, coal is now Canada?s single largest export to Japan, and the growth of our industry has helped fund major improvements to our railroads and ports. It?s all part of our commitment to being competitive and building a stronger future for Canadian industry.