Coffee Shop Reopens Under New Owner

In the blink of an eye Cashmere?s Java and Sandwich closed and those who realized it were disappointed. But if you waited just a few days, you would be encouraged to learn that it has already changed hands and is now open again. There are some very loyal and regular customers that were genuinely saddened that our trendy little coffee shop would be gone. Have no fear; in the typical Tumbler Ridge way, it has barely missed a beat.

Ray Gramlich, owner of Tumbler Ridge Rentals Ltd., has taken ownership of the coffee shop. He will use the same name and the doors opened at 6:00 am on Thursday, July 7th. The plan is to be open from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm weekdays and open Saturday and Sunday as well. There will be two shift managers with the daytime manager being Lynn Roden. She was sure moving quickly once customers started arriving.

While some didn?t even know it had closed, never mind changed hands, others came by to congratulate the new owner and take a test run. Gramlich bought all of the existing equipment and furnishings from previous owners Ray and Jenny Kuhnes who operated the coffee shop from its inception two years ago up until just a few days before Gramlich took over.

Said Ray Kuhnes, ?I?m just glad to see it end up with someone who has a passion for it.? (As he and his wife did). Jenny Kuhnes was looking forward to spending her free time training her horse, while Ray will be working with SWORD Transport, servicing the equipment they supply.

Gramlich hopes the loyalty of the regulars and new comers continues and that the people who enjoyed having a coffee will return and bring many more with them. There were returning tourists pleased to see it opening again. Prior to its first day of business, one visitor from Calgary, Alberta said to the new owner good-humoredly, ?If you need a test run the night before, I?d be glad to come down any hour of the night to do that for you.? She gleefully joined the patrons the next day, enjoying a great cup of joe.

There are some plans in the works to add to the menu and tweak things to the liking of the new owner, but for the most part, many will never know that such a huge transition occurred right under their noses. After all, a cup of coffee is still a cup of coffee. But it?s not Latte. And it?s not Espresso, Cappuccino or any of the other specialty coffees that you will find at Cashmere?s. All in the blink of an eye.

Editor’s Note: We apologize to Mr. Frank Edwards, who is the owner of TR Rentals. Ray Gramlich is the General Manager and not the owner. Cashmere’s name will be changed to “Java on Main”.