Cold weather costumes

Trent Ernst, Editor


So you’re thinking about dressing up as a sexy zombie nurse for Halloween and going out to the bonfire, but, chances are, it’s going to be cold come Halloween.

And what about the kids? Sure you can wrap them in a parka, but what’s the point of the costume?

Fortunately, with a little planning, your kids won’t have to explain to everybody that underneath the snowsuit, they’re dressed up as Iron Man.

The secret is layering. For kids, make sure their costume is a size or two too big so they can wear their warm clothes underneath the outfit. For the girls, long dresses are perfect, because they can wear snowpants underneath. Okay, so maybe they’ll look like Jack Black as Iron Man, but at least they’ll be able to show off their outfit. Bonus points for an outfit that includes a hood.

Some costumes are pre-insulated. We had a Tigger costume that the kids wore until they hit the age of four or so that was basically a fuzzy orange snowsuit with stripes.

And what about you? Again, layering is the key. If you are wearing an outfit that has a skirt or shows off legs, make sure to wear some sort of leggings.

Thigh high boots bring the sexy while keeping your legs warm, too.

A lycra or spandex bodysuit under the costumer will help keep you warm, too.

Because there’s nothing less sexy on a zombie nurse than frostbite.