Collection of Telephone Books wraps up

Collection of old telephone books wraps up.

February 16, 2005 – Fort St. John–Students in the North Peace collected 5,166 old SuperPages phone books in the annual inter-school collection competition that wrapped up last month. The number of phone books collected was significantly lower than last year, in fact there was a 33% decrease from 7,727 books collected in 2004. Part of the decrease can be attributed to the slow delivery of the new books which were supposed to be dropped off at homes and businesses by December 17th but continued until the end of January.

Christian Life School students collected the greatest number of books per student (4.66) and will be presented with a special prize from SuperPages–Over Canada, a beautiful book of aerial photographs of Canada–in recognition of their efforts. Sally Emory from Waste Reduction Office will make the presentation at a school assembly on Monday, February 21st at 8:50 a.m. on behalf of SuperPages, the sponsor of the inter-school phone book collection competition. All participating schools will also receive a cheque for $.10 for each SuperPages telephone book and a certificate of appreciation.

The participating schools were:

SchoolCollectedStudents books/student

Alwin Holland13133603.65



CM Finch1882290.82

Charlie Lake8703842.27


Duncan Cran1053320.32

Robert Ogilvie7233482.08


Upper Pine952140.44

Christian Life 7881694.66

15 schools collected 4,273 old telephone books in the South Peace, an increase of 3% over 2004 totals.