Colonial Coal Begins Flatbed Study

Trent Ernst
Colonial Coal is moving onto its Flatbed project area, south of Tumbler Ridge, after spending the last few years investigating the so-called Huguenot properties, about 140 km south of Quintette. 
The company has studied a number of sources, including Geological Compilation Maps, records of oil and gas well drilling and previous exploration done in the area.
This has led them to identify three key areas worthy of future exploration, looking for viable coal seams in the region. 
The company is looking deep, targeting seams between 200m and 600m underground. These areas are located in the northwest and along the northeastern and southwestern sides of the Company’s application area.
According to Colonial Coal, these license applications are being processed by the British Columbia Ministry of Energy Mines and Natural Gas (“MEMNG”). “Once the Company acquires tenure and all exploration permits have been approved by the Provincial Government,” says the release, “the Company intends to conduct a drilling program to test each of the target areas identified above.”
The company estimates that the Flatbed reserves will hold about 100 million tonnes of coal, but will be drilling in the area, probably later this year, to get a better grasp on these resources. 
While there were a number of coal land reserves that were set aside last year as part of caribou habitat, Colonial says that these don’t affect any of the Company’s coal license applications at either the Flatbed or Huguenot properties. 
Last year, Colonial spent the summer and autumn drilling in the Huguenot area, focusing mostly on the southern half of the South Block in an attempt to raise the resource classification for that area of the block, where they currently are only inferring how much coal there is. 
David Austin, President and CEO of Colonial, says “I am very pleased with our recent exploration activities and the results anticipated to come. With our company’s already established Measured and Indicated resources in excess of 189 Mt, together with our Inferred resource in excess of 194 Mt, of high value coking coal, we expect our updated results and related Preliminary Economic Assessment to be very positive going forward.” If the inferred figures are correct, the company has approximately 384 million tonnes in reserves at the Huguenot property. The company is expected to initiate a pre-feasibilty study for the Huguenot property early this year, with an eye towards submitting their mine permit application by the end of the year.