Comedian Shaun Majumder Coming to Tumbler Ridge

Lynsey Kitching

Ever watched This Hour Has 22 Minutes? What about Just for Laughs?

If not, where is your sense of Canadian humour! Just kidding, but the folks here in TR have a very special treat coming up on Saturday May 4. That’s right people; Shaun Majumder is coming to perform some standup comedy right here in town.

Majumder has started Majumder Manor, a television show documenting his quest to bring tourism to his hometown of 350 people. The show airs on the Woman’s Network, Monday nights, and previous episodes of the show can be watched on demand at the Women’s Network website.

On his website he says, “What started out as a simple story of me going back to build a house in my hometown, has evolved through a few phases…from myself and David Suzuki building an off the grid, “Green” house, to me putting a cute B&B for people to rent. But after meeting with some folks from Newfoundland Tourism, the town of Burlington, and a few other geniuses, I have decided I want to build a four or five room, modern, upscale, fully sustainable, boutique Eco-luxe Inn with the hopes that it will draw adventurous travelers to my hometown so that they can experience what I have been bragging about for years; That rural Newfoundland is one of the most amazing places on earth!”

We had the chance to talk (well, email) Majumder about his upcoming performance.

Why are you coming to Tumbler Ridge?

“I’m coming to Tumbler Ridge to do a fundraising show in support of a community development project I am doing in Burlington Newfoundland. Our goal is to build a social enterprise through tourism one small piece at a time. Through building a community greenhouse, glamping tents, and eventually building a five room lodge with a restaurant. Plus, we are throwing a fire food and music festival in Burlington at the end of the summer as well again with all the money going back into the community.”

Do you like snow and why? Where is spring hiding?

I love love love snow. I was snowshoeing in Newfoundland two weeks ago. Show is best in the country however, and when I am anywhere near a big city, snow can stay away. But in the woods…bring it on. Spring is finally arriving I think. Most Canadians are ready for it.

What’s your favourite part about being a comedian?

I do love the live performances. Everyone is different and you meet so many amazing people. Plus, I get to go to places I have never been…like Tumbler Ridge!

What are you working on now? Any new movies, shows etc in the works?

Right now I am working hard on my first screenplay with my girl here in LA, we hope to make a fun little comedy feature this next year, starring her and directed by me. Plus, we are in the works to get a second season of Majumder Manor, and 22 Minutes will be back for its 21st season next year, which I am really excited about.

What is your favourite topic to make jokes about?

LIFE. Life is popular for me…I have enjoyed joking about silly things but as I get older I have enjoyed being much more opinionated and having a strong point of view about things like racism and religion.

Are you visiting any other towns in the area while you’re here?

Well, doing Vancouver the night after performing in Tumbler Ridge and then moving east; Lloydminister, Medicine Hat, Regina and then another fundraiser in Fort McMurray.

Majumder will be performing Saturday May 4 at the Trend Mountain Hotel. It will be an all-ages show. Tickets are $40 and going fast