Comment period open for Murray River Mine

The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency is conducting a federal environmental assessment of the proposed Murray River Coal Project, and as part of that, are seeking comment from the public and organizations

The Project is subject to review under both CEAA 2012 and British Columbia’s Environmental Assessment Act, and is undergoing a coordinated environmental assessment with B.C.’s Environmental Assessment Office (EAO).

The Agency and the EAO invite the public to comment on the potential environmental effects of the Project and the proposed measures to prevent or mitigate those effects as described in a summary of the proponent’s Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

The public comment period will take place from December 18, 2014 to January 29, 2015. An information session will be held during the comment period.

Comments need only be submitted once to either the Agency or the EAO to be considered for both the provincial and federal environmental assessments. All comments received will be considered public.