Committee of the Whole

Official Council notes are available on the District website and at the Town Hall office.

Present: Councillor McPherson, Councillor Colledge, Councillor Young, Councillor Kirby, Councillor Way, Councillor Steele. Absent: Mayor Iles

1. Call to Order by Acting Mayor McPherson

1.Minutes approved for the Regular Meeting of Council of August 10, 2004.

2.Business Arising from the Minutes-None

3.Review of Agenda: Additions-District Van, Graffiti on Claude Galibois School, Flatbed Falls, Out of Town Contractors, Seismic Cuts report.

4.C-2 I-1 Development: The purpose of this was to revisit the information provided by Urban Systems on estimated costs for commercial and industrial development as the District no longer has any commercial or industrial lots left for sale. Council has expressed an interest in developing more lots to encourage business within the town. The development costs are more than expected even with a 30 percent contingency added in. The estimated costs for commercial or C-2 lots will be approximately $79,643.00. The estimated costs for Industrial or I-1 are approximately $58,889.00. Staff recommends that if Council wishes to develop just one of these, to go with the C-2 lot development first, as the existing Commercial Park is not as underutilized as the Industrial Park. CAO Nigel Black said that there is enough money in reserve to develop one of these projects but not both. Currently the District has no C-2 or I-1 lots for sale. Councillor Kirby asked what lots are selling for in other communities? Public Works Operations Manager Clarke Hazelhurst said that we are in the right price range for the services that will be offered with these lots. Councillor Kirby asked where these C-2 lots would be located. Black commented that they would be located directly across from the Public Works Yard. He also said that there is a 30% contingency built into the listed price. Council?s direction is to go ahead and develop the C-2 lots, as there is more of a need for commercial development.


6.Meeting with Hudson Hope Council. The Mayor of Hudson Hope, Lenore Harwood, commented to Councillor McPherson that Tumbler Ridge Council and Hudson Hope Council should take some time to discuss similar problems faced by both communities. Direction to send Hudson Hope Mayor and Council a letter inviting them to Tumbler Ridge. Would like to discuss Coal Bed Methane, Tourism, Dino Tours, and Northern Health Authority.

7.Other: -Councillor Way brought up the District Van. The District will be purchasing a new Van and is considering selling the old van. Councillor Way asked if it would be advantageous to keep the old van for use by groups within the District. Councillor McPherson commented that it would be nice to have a vehicle in the Community to replace the Sunshine Coach. Nigel Black commented that insurance and maintenance can get expensive. Councillor McPherson asked if this could be look into this further to see if organizations within the town could use the Van? Direction to look into this matter further.

9.Councillor Way brought up the graffiti on the side of Claude Galibois School. She asked if a letter could be sent to the School District to ask if they could clean it off or paint it. A letter will be sent.

-Councillor Younge brought up that Flatbed Falls is getting a lot of use and is getting messy. Is there a cleaning schedule? The area used as a swimming hole is also getting really messy. Councillor Kirby commented that he has noticed this too. There needs to be a District garbage can at the site that gets emptied regularly because people are just throwing garbage into the fire pit that is down there and it looks really bad, there are dirty diapers, broken bottles, food wrappers laying around. It is getting to be a big mess and it is not good for tourism. Agreed that something needs to be done about this problem. Will look into this further.

Nigel Black received a letter from Thompson and Associates who will be doing a seismic cut near town and will send detailed maps. Councillor Kirby asked when this cut is scheduled to happen. Kim Isaak commented that she had talked to Thompson and Associates on Friday and they are still in the regulatory process. They were looking at early September to start.

8.Meeting adjourned at 7:50PM.