Committee of the Whole

Committee of the Whole September 14, 2004 The official minutes are available on the District Website, and at Town Hall.

1.Call to Order by Councilor Colledge

2.Minutes approved for the Regular Meeting of Council of August 24, 2004.

3.Business arising from the Minutes:

Councillor Colledge commented that the graffiti on the side of Claude Galibois school has been cleaned up.

Review of the Agenda: items added to the agenda.

4.Lieutenant SS Purdon spoke to Council on behalf of the Junior Canadian Rangers. She provided details to Council of the skills, experiences and benefits of the Junior Rangers program in Tumbler Ridge. Lieutenant Purdon, said, ?The Community, Council and Mayor of Tumbler Ridge have been supportive of the Junior Ranger Patrol, adding to its success. Your appointment of a Junior Ranger Representative on Council is another example of your dedication to support the Junior Canadian Rangers in your community.? When the presentation was finished, Council was presented a plaque from the National Defense Headquarters, in appreciation for their support.

5.UBCM Resolutions. Council members who will be attending the UBCM have been asked to review the resolutions prior to the convention.

6.Urban Systems has been putting together a Community plan scoping report. There are 6 sections to the report:

?1. Introduction

?2. Past, Present and Future

?3. Introduction to Community Planning

?4. Approach

?5. Work Program

?6. Schedule.

In the Introduction Urban Systems says, ?Tumbler Ridge is a unique community, created by unique circumstances. As local and global circumstances continue to change, Tumbler Ridge will need to proactively manage how these changes will affect the community. It seems as if these changes are already being felt and considered in the community. Town Council and staff have decided that something needs to be done from a planning perspective to respond to the recent changes and prepare for potential upcoming changes.

Urban Systems recommends that first an Official Community Plan (OCP) be completed. It has been over 10 years since there was a substantial revision of the OCP, and many of the assumptions on which the Plan was based have changed. Urban Systems would like to see the community start fresh but retain what is working in the existing documents and have Council lead the process. They would like to see the process complete by March 2005 with a projected budget of $58,400.

7. Meetings and Rules of Order Workshop in Fort St. John on October 7, 2004. This workshop will be hosted by Vancouver-based Meeting Mentor and Registered Parliamentarian, Eli Mina. It is recommended that Council direct staff to forward the travel and workshop approval for the ?Meetings and Rules of Order? workshop to the next Council meeting for approval.

8. Economic Development Officer Ray Proulx would like to have Council select two members who are interested in working with the EDO on the Community Event Fund. Proulx says, ?Recognizing the importance of community events as a means of fostering community pride and to enhance our ability to attract greater numbers of visitors, I established a small support fund in my 2004 budget. In anticipation of the 2005 calendar year I would like to have these funds distributed before December.? Councillors Colledge and Younge will work with Proulx on the Community Event Fund.

9. Other:

a) Wildlife warning signage-this was presented by Kim Isaak on behalf of Councillor Way. Council directed staff to contact ICBC and the Ministry of Highways to ask about getting wildlife warning signs placed on the Heritage Highway.

b) Truck Route: Councillor Colledge expressed concerns that there is a need for truck route signage.

c) Hospice, Palliative Care: Council received a letter asking Council to send a representative to their next meeting September 20th. Councillor Way will attend.

d) District Structure Overview-Councillor Younge suggested that a consultant be hired to do a complete District organizational review including District Staff and elected officials.