Committee of the Whole

The official COW notes are available on the District website, and at Town Hall.

1. Call to Order

2. Minutes approved for the Regular Meeting of Council of September 14, 2004.

3. No Business arising from the Minutes

4.Review of the Agenda

5.Proposed Coal Fired Generation Plant. On July 16th Mayor Iles and EDO Proulx met with representatives from Balanced Power Engineering Inc (BPEI). to discuss potential cogeneration energy projects in the Tumbler Ridge area. These discussions focused on new mining prospects in the area, the potential availability of coal fuel and possible locations for a cogeneration facility. BPEI then wrote a letter of intent that proposes the construction and operation of a coal fired power generation plant, asking Council to review the correspondence and information included in the report, and for support from Council for their project. Along with the resurgence of coal mining, this project was inspired by the recent implementation of a BC Hydro incentive program that is designed to foster load displacement and power savings for a variety of BC Hydro customers. Council reviewed the report. EDO Proulx was informed just prior to the Committee of the Whole meeting that BPEI aren?t eligible for this request for proposal, but there is another request for proposal coming up. Council would like to meet with Mr. Walters of BPEI to discuss aspects of this project including air quality.

6. 2006 Oil and Gas Conference. EDO Proulx proposed that the District of Tumbler Ridge, in conjunction with McLeod Lake Indian Band apply to host either the 2006 or 2007 Oil and Gas Conference. The only concern is whether Tumbler Ridge will be prepared in time. Council gave direction to pursue supporting the 2006 or 2007 proposal.

7.Christmas Light Up Campaign. Councillor Way reported that it would be nice to have the District supply an award for the Light Up campaign. The actual Light up will be on December 3, 2004. Council agreed.

8.Combined Business Christmas Party. Verbal report by Kim Isaak giving an update on the arrangements that have been made to date. The Christmas party will take place on December 11. Council gave direction to go with a live band as opposed to a DJ and to continue with the preparations.

9. Northern Energy and Mining Inc. has invited the Council and the public to attend an informal Open House for the purpose of outlining plans for the Trend Coal Project, on October 6, 2004. Council agreed to attend.

10.The Peace River Municipalities Association meeting will be held October 20th, 2004 in Fort St. John. There will be a special guest speaker from the law firm of Lidstone, Young, Anderson, speaking on the ?Community Charter Conflict of Interest? legislation. This is the rescheduled meeting, which Council has agreed to attend.

11.Other: -Christmas Hamper program, Councillor Colledge. Council has agreed to do a food drive on December 10th,2004 in support of the 2004 Christmas Hamper Project.

-Home Based Business Bylaw, Councillor McPherson. Councillor McPherson expressed concern over recent reactions to the business bylaw within the District. McPherson would like to see all home-based business owners receive a copy of the Tumbler Ridge business bylaw. Discussion followed. It was suggested that Council look at what other communities are doing. Council would like to have all business owners come to the table so the business community could be cohesive.

-Unsightly premises, Councillor Colledge would like Council to consider allowing for a larger spring cleanup budget so that some of the unsightly premises could be included in the clean up.