Committee of the Whole

1.The meeting was called to order 1PM.

2. Minutes Approved for the Committee of the Whole Meeting of December 14, 2004

3. Business Arising From the Minutes: None

4. Review of Agenda: Items added

5.Labour Market Planning Project Refresher. Now that funding from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada has been successfully obtained for the Labour Market Planning Project, which was introduced to Council almost a year ago, EDO Ray Proulx wanted to include this information because he felt it would be beneficial to review the project?s scope and content. The majority of this funding will be utilized to hire a contract coordinator who will be responsible for the day-to-day duties associated with bringing this project and intended results to fruition. Overall, the District is contributing to just under 5% of the total project cost, mostly in-kind. HRSDC is chipping in over $130,000.

6.Olympic/Paralympic Live Sites Program Prioritization. In their own words, the Province of BC developed the Olympic/Paralympic Live Sites Program to: ?Ensure that a share of the benefits of hosting the 2010 Olympic/Paralympic Winter Games are made available to residents of the province, beyond the immediate Olympic-venue towns and cities, while also providing communities with legacies of continuing economic value.? Council has been asked to consider which project they would like to make application for this funding for: construction costs for the Family Youth Park, construction costs for the proposed conference centre, construction costs fo the proposed visitor information building. Recommendation that Council prioritize which project they would like to see funded by the Olympic/Paralympic Live Sites Program and direct the Economic Development Officer to move forward with the promotion of that project through formal support or the application for funding. Mayor Iles would like to see the Conference Centre built. Councillor McPherson agreed that the Conference Centre would benefit everyone in town. Councillor Colledge is leaning towards the Conference Centre. Councillor Kirby agreed, but he would also like to see the Family Fun Park as would Councillor Way.

7. Committee Establishment: 24th Anniversary and Spirit of 2010. It is recommended that Council decide whether or not they would like to proceed with the formation of local committee (s) to address local initiatives related to the 2010 Olympics and Tumbler Ridge?s 25th anniversary, and; If they wish to pursue this course of action, that Council decide whether or not they would like to form one or two separate committees, and; that Council give direction to the Economic Development Officer to draft a terms of reference and suggested membership list for the committee(s) to be discussed at the January 25th Committee of the Whole and ratified at the regular meeting of Council on February 7th. Discussion on this committee formation followed. Councillor Colledge spoke about the Parks and Recreation Board. Councillor Way would like to see one committee to work on both the Anniversary and then on the Spirit of 2010. Everyone agreed one committee would be the best way to go.

8. Budget Schedule, to review the schedule for 2005-2009 Financial Plan development and to explain each step of the process. This process will begin with three Budget Planning Meetings, at which the public may attend but not participate. Once the Budget Planning Meetings are finished Council will hold a public open house during which the summaries and highlights of the budget will be presented to the public. Next will come a period of public input, which allows members of the public to comment on the budget in written form. After which Council will review and consider the public input received and have a final chance to make changes to the budget before it becomes a bylaw and is presented at a formal council meeting.

9.Emergency Preparedness: for Council to determine whether they would like to attend the Emergency Operation level 2 course in Fort St. John on February 22-23. Travel approval of the course will be placed on the next regular Council agenda. Councillors Colledge and Kirby would like to attend, as would Mayor Iles.

10.Economic Impact of Oil and Gas Industry workshop is being held in Fort St. John on January 19th, Councillors Kirby and McPherson would like to attend as would Mayor Iles.

11.Alaska Canada Railway Corridor Conference-April 7&8. Council discussed whether they would like to have Council representation at this conference in Prince George. Mayor Iles would like to attend.

12.Council of Forest Industries Annual Convention April 14-15. Council discussed having representation at the Council of Forest Industries Conference in Prince George.

13.Federation of Canadian Municipalities Conference, Council discussed who would like to go to this conference. Travel approval will be on the next Council meeting. Mayor Iles and Councillors McPherson, Colledge and Kirby all expressed an interest in attending this conference.

14.1 Councillor Kirby brought up the subject of approaching a hotel regarding building a hotel in Tumbler Ridge. The large camp that has been set up between Tumbler Ridge and Dawson Creek shows the need for such a facility. Councillor McPherson suggested drafting a letter to some hotel chains.

14.2 Tsunami Relief Fundraiser, Councillor Colledge spoke about the fundraiser that is being organized for Saturday, January 15th. This is being arranged by the Tumbler Ridge ESS team, Red Cross and Victim Services and all money raised will go towards the Red Cross relief effort.

14.3 Councillor Colledge brought up the letter to the editor which appeared in the Tumbler Ridge News, speaking out against an increase to the Mayor?s remuneration. Councillor Way said that she fully supports the decision that Council has made. Councillor McPherson agreed. Mayor Iles said that in the five years that he has been Mayor, he has no guilt feelings about his remuneration because he has and continues to work hard for this community.

14.4 Councillor McPherson brought up the Chamber of Commerce and how nice it is to see the initiative and ambition that is present in the Chamber. The Chamber would like to use the office space that was offered them in the Tourist Information Centre.

15 Adjourn