Committee of the Whole

January 25, 2005

1. The meeting was called to order at 1PM.

2. Minutes Approved for the Committee of the Whole Meeting of January 11, 2005

3. Business Arising From the Minutes: None

4. Review of Agenda: Items added

5. Vehicle Impound Yard.

The purpose is to review a proposal received by TR Automotive regarding the possible allotment of space in the impound yard in lieu of uncollectible fees. Councillor McPherson asked that he speak as a business owner not a Councillor. McPherson said that when he tows vehicles into the compound as well as when he returns vehicles to their owners, he runs into many unrecoverable expenses, this includes vehicles that aren?t worth picking up, so the owners never pay the towing fee. Rather than trying to bill the RCMP or District for these charges, he would like the use of two stalls in the compound. Clarke Hazelhurst responded that the impound area was developed several years ago and consists of storage space for four vehicles. This development occurred because there were no private businesses that were interested in the opportunity at that time. The proposal from TR Automotive brings up a number of issues. The first is whether or not the municipality should be involved in the provision of this service which is typically done by the private sector. And he feels it might be a good opportunity to advertise this service for expressions of interest from the business community. If the town is going to continue to operate it, should the yard be expanded and if so are they willing to consider the allocation of space for one of the local towing contractors, both of the local towing contractors or for the entire community?

A letter with several requests was received from the Winterfest Committee. Senior Staff discussed the requests and offer the following for Councils consideration. The first is that snow be dumped on the Roman walkway for snow-sculpting. This request has been removed as the committee has decided to run the contest differently. The second is that the street be closed for the parade. Public Works can complete this request. The third request is that the District place dirt and prepare for the bonfire, public works will complete this. Next the use of the fireside lounge if weather does not permit. The Fireside lounge has been reserved. The use of rooms 4 &5, risers, PA and two large speakers will go before Council as a fee waiver. This will go before Council as a fee waiver. There is no portable PA system. For the duration of the festival waive Bylaw 12 for homeowners/condos to rent for a weekend or daily rental to accommodate visitors. This request produced a lengthy discussion on this bylaw and the ongoing problem of accommodation for visitors. Ray Proulx is currently speaking with three independent developers as well as one hotel chain regarding the building of a hotel in Tumbler Ridge. The best recommendation Proulx could give the committee is to put a call out for billets. Mayor Iles commented that he would like to have a meeting with all property management/strata owners to explain why this bylaw is in place. This bylaw cannot be relaxed for the weekend. The seventh request is for permission to have a Home Based Business Market Square on Saturday, February 12, in the Community Centre. Request granted. The committee has requested the District extend a liability rider to cover all events during the festival. Response was that the District does not have the capability to extend liability insurance to other user groups; therefore this request can?t be fulfilled.

7. Community Event Funding Program.

This was on the agenda for Council to review the proposed Community Events Grant Program Guidelines and Application for implementation in 2005. Organizations wishing to access available funds for their events will do so by adhering to what has been defined in an established set of guidelines and application form. This will help in creating a calendar of events for Tumbler Ridge in an organized fashion. It is proposed that there be a $1000 maximum and a $250 minimum request.

8. The Establishment of a 25th Anniversary and Spirit of 2010 committee.

The purpose of this is for Council to establish the terms of reference and membership composition of the community committee responsible for developing and implementing local initiatives related to the 2010 Olympics and 25th Anniversary of TR.

9. Winter Opportunities Summit in Prince George.

This is to give Council a chance to consider their attendance at the Summit being held February 9th-12th, 2005. After a discussion Council decided that they would not send anyone to attend this summit.

10.Community Charter Workshop in Vancouver.

Council discussed whether or not they would like to send someone to attend this workshop. It was decided that someone from Administration will attend and bring the information back to Council.

11.Float for the Winter Carnival Parade.

Councillor Way has expressed interest in putting this float together and would like a clean pickup truck from the District, as well as a driver. This is being arranged.

12.Veterinary Services for Tumbler Ridge.

Council received a letter of introduction from the Bergen?s who are the new veterinaries in Chetwynd. The Bergens have expressed interest in coming to Tumbler Ridge twice a month.