Committee of the Whole

February 1,2005

The official minutes can be obtained from the District office, or the District website.

Councillors Colledge, Kirby, McPherson, Way and Mayor Iles were in attendance.

1.The meeting was called to order at 1PM.

2. Minutes Approved for the Committee of the Whole Meeting of January 25, 2005

3. Business Arising From the Minutes: None

4.Review of Agenda: Items added


6.Betty Gurnsey, School Board Trustee:

Council had invited the school board trustee to attend a COW meeting, with the primary concern being the availability of courses and the level and quality of education being obtained in Tumbler Ridge. Betty Gurnsey indicated that this is an issue that she has brought forth and the school and school board are aware of. Steps are being taken to address this situation. Council questioned the policies and procedures of the local school regarding spare blocks and how they are handled.

Mayor Iles and Councillor McPherson excused themselves after this presentation.

7.Crime Prevention Workshop Report

Councillors Colledge and McPherson attended this workshop in November and were asked to report. Following attendance at this conference, Councillor Colledge and McPherson felt strongly that support be given for the 40 Developmental Assists program being implemented by Ben Kostamo to encourage harnessing the power of youth. Kostamo will be invited back to speak with Council regarding this. Cpl. Peats spoke regarding this issue as well and agrees with Colledge that the benefits of proactive far outweigh the alternative. Councillor Way excused herself following this presentation.

8.Golf Course Update:

January: Personal follow-up with all possible business participants. Signed up 14 businesses to offer promotion to BC Snowmobile Federation/ASA cardholders. 2004 winter survey results tabulated. Superintendent: Re-posted want ad through all available channels and fixed the contract for 2005 season in preparation for hiring. Request for sponsorship through on-course advertisement sales for 2005. Ongoing meetings regarding Winterfest. Updated websites.

Upcoming: Final stages of implementation-packaging TR info to be communicated to BCSF/ASA.

Posting of web page for easy access to all members. Creating market research tools for participating businesses to effectively collect information throughout promotion. Three more interviews are scheduled for late January for Superintendent. Two of the candidates are visiting Tumbler Ridge.

A consultant is coming to ?brainstorm? on marketing ideas for the TR Golf Club and the District of Tumbler Ridge.

An action plan and Tournament dates chart has been created which shows activities planned for the 2005 season.


2, letters for possible private Corporate Tournaments and major tournament sponsors.

3, Set up new kitchen area, clear out new proshop area.

4, Paint restaurant, kitchen, and new proshop area.

6, move slatboard and desk to proshop area.


1, Start date for new Superintendent-check progress of greens, clean up and organize maintenance shack, remove driving range mats, order supplies, repair items. Set up Mens Night Committee.

4, Order inventory.

6, Follow-up for advertising sponsorship.

15 order range balls and install club storage doors.

15, Install carpet- pending approval from the district.

20, Build fence-possible donation.

21, send out hole signs, bench signs to be painted.

23, Head Cook start planning and organizing for the season.

30, Advertising and posters schedule and planning for all major and weekly events.

May: 1, Open course (weather permitting), restaurant and driving range.

15, Re-surface deck area.

28, Five man scramble-season opening tournament.

June: 11, Ladies interclub.

25, Mens interclub.

July: 16 and 17 Mixed open.

31, Sunrise Tournament.

August: 27, Oilmens.

September: 10-11 Club Championship.

18, Ladies wind-up. This item was tabled.

10. Chamber of Commerce Meeting Presentation: Tabled

11. Requests for Violence Prevention Week:

A letter with several requests has been received from Tumbler Ridge Counseling Services. Staff has reviewed the requests and put together recommendations for Council discussion.

Request 1: Tying ribbons around the pillars in the Roman Walkway. Granted.

Request 2: To use the community barbeque and for Council to assist with cooking. The barbeque is owned by the Lions Club so directed to contact Frank Walsh. Council will confirm whether they are available to assist with cooking.

Request 3: Council to attend a video presentation on domestic violence. Council will confirm whether they are available.

Request 5: Request for a grant/fee waiver from Council to cover the cost of the swimming pool for a free family swim. Staff response: We currently offer low-priced family swimming seven days a week. Suggest that a sponsor be found to pay for the pool.

Request 6: a Public proclamation of the Violence Prevention/Awareness Week. A formal proclamation would need to be made in a Council meeting. Suggest that TR Counselling Services appear as a delegation to request this. Approved with the exeption of the fee waiver for the pool.

12.MFA Financial Forum and Annual General Meeting.

For Council to discuss attendance at the Municipal Finance Authorities Financial Forum and Annual General Meeting in Vancouver on March 23-24, 2005. Approved for Mayor Iles to attend with the recommendation that Nigel Black also attend.

13.Application for 2008 and 2010 BC Summer and Winter Games.

For Council to discuss whether they would like to agree to the request from the City of Dawson Creek on a joint submission application for the 2008 and 2010 BC Summer and Winter Games. This had the support of the Councillors present.

14.Other: 12.1 Invitations to the Official opening of the terminal building of the Fort St. John Airport and a Provincial announcement which is being made in Fort St. John Feb. 4th, 2005.